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Second chance for RN program?

  1. 0 How can I convince the Nursing Readmission Committee to get me back into the Nursing program? I've sent a letter for my appeal and I'm really worried that they may not let me back in. In my school, some people get a second chance and some don''s up to readmission which is unfair. I've done well on all my pre-nursing classes with nothing less than a B- as well as a mix of A's and B's for most of my classes. I'm also volunteering at a hospital and thought maybe I can get a reference or letter of recommendation to give me a better chance? Is that a good idea?...I'm starting to feel like this is a nothing I can do situation. The pre-nursing classes I finished is like 60% of the program...I would hate for all that work to go for nothing.
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    Why the need for appealing? For what reason were you dimissed? It sounds like your grades were good. Just trying to get some background in order to give great advice =)
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    Hey Bucky, you can read my situation in detail under "troubled nursing student". In short, I failed 2 classes. I took 6 classes and passed 4 out of the 6. I really don't know why I took microbiology with lab with these nursing classes, that class I should of took before getting accepted into nursing. Now I'm back in general studies finishing up my last pre-req. class which is dev. psychology. I've sent a letter to readmission so all I can do now is wait and hope I'll get reaccepted to take the 2 classes I failed.
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    Isn't micro considered a gen ed? That stinks that you'd lose your place in the nursing program based on a gen ed grade! Have you re-taken the class yet, or currently doing so? You could point out how much better you're doing or did by re-taking the failed classes, to show how re-focused you are. I'm not sure a letter of recommendation from your volunteering position would do much to vouch for academic abilities, but someone else might have a totally different opinion about that!
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    I didn't fail micro, Im saying that I should of finished all my gen. ed. classes before starting nursing. Taking micro in addition to my nursing classes was not a good idea.
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    Hi Nursing pursuit so did you get readmitted? im in your same boat
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    Hello, my situation was that I took all prerequisite classes in a regular City college, and for some reason they didn't accept me to their nursing program. I appealed, but by the time they sent me a letter that they decided to accept me, I found a small private nursing school that was happy to have me. So, my advice is shop around and you will not be disappointed.
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    Im doing my lpn now and passed my first exam