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Hello . I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for the fall 2012 start suffolkc.c.c. nursing program. I have applied for the Ammerman day program. I was hoping to find some company on my journey to acceptance... Read More

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    Oo ok ... I took the class bc ur gna need it for stony brook cross over anyway. I'm in the day program .... Clinicals on fri
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    Health forms in... Tuition paid.... I'm ready !!!
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    Thx jrosa lol
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    one month people!
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    Wow I can't believe only a month away! I'm still trying to get my vaccinations in order. Turns out I need a booster for measles and my dr is having problems getting it. Next is to take the CPR course. I found a place that will do the course on a Saturday for $75. Anybody else still need to take the class?
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    Mschultz... I ran into a similar problem.. I went to a clinic and they carried it, but didn't have anymore. I know it sounds crazy but when I went to my doctor and he didn't have the MMR vax he told me to go to a pediatrician... they will do it if you tell them your a nursing student. I did not end up going there I went to another dr but its worth the call and try.
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    You know what's funny is I thought the same thing. The pediatrician's office should have it since they give those shots all the time. LOL
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    LOL! But the clinic will have them too. Good Luck!
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    Has anyone rented their textbooks? I have rented all my textbooks for past courses.....

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