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Hello . I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for the fall 2012 start suffolkc.c.c. nursing program. I have applied for the Ammerman day program. I was hoping to find some company on... Read More

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    My best friend is going into her second year of the program. I asked her about the uniform. She said she had to wear hers to the first day of clinical. So, you might want to get it before hand just to be sure - so you are not trying to get it the night before.

    Good luck!
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    So how is everyone's first week going? I don't start until the 5th since I'm in the evening program. I hope everyone is enjoying it!
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    I love it! The prof's I have are amazing
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    Week one over ... Yay let the count down begin
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    first test on monday FREAKING OUT!!!!!
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    did you go to the review on Wednesday? Did she say we just have to know the stuff that we went over during lecture? And does ATI have practice questions?
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    Hope everyone's first semester was a great one!
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    Hey everyone! One semester down! Is anyone starting the next semester with Med-Surg I? I haven't been in touch with my professors, but I'm so confused about our textbook!

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    I am taking psych first but I know my friends are taking med surg first half, they got a reply back from professor. Try calling office?? If No email reply...