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Hello . I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for the fall 2012 start suffolkc.c.c. nursing program. I have applied for the Ammerman day program. I was hoping to find some company on... Read More

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    The hand book has all the info too

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    Has anyone tried logging onto the D2L site to get the course information yet? The email I got from the professor said they would open the course on July 1st but when I logged in it says the course won't be available until 9/4/12.
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    Mshultz I never received an email??
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    The email was from the professor. I guess it was sent just to the evening program students.
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    Yea I was thinking same... I signed on to d2l and it's nothing different . .. Just lists my courses I took already
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    OK, thanks! I'm just anxious I guess. LOL The paper I received during orientation said the course materials would be available on D2L during the summer so I've been checking like everyday. Then when I got that email saying July 1st I could relax. Now I'm checking every day, all day!
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    Sorry I couldn't be much more help I def know how you feel though.... I have been constantly looking at my papers and books making sure I got everything, etc. I guess the anxiety won't end until after first week of classes lol
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    Hey how is everyone so far?? I just finished my last rounds of vax. Getting so excited.. Almost one month left till classes. Has anyone started reading yet??
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    I haven't started reading yet. I have been studying the dosage calculations book. I am freaking about this math test!!!!

    I got my uniform, and all of my books except the ATI( getting that tomorrow), and handed in all of my health forms today. Soooo excited,but also extremly nervous. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!!! If anyone has any info on the ,math test please feel free to share
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    Hey! I'm getting my last round of vaccinations this monday I haven't started the reading yet...i actually haven't gotten any of the books yet, but I will be soon. I also just got my CPR done in Smithtown and I just bought the ATI...which really surprised me when I got a box full of books in the mail lol. Still have a lot to do, but I am excited

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