Phlebotomy courses in NY. Is it worth it? Phlebotomy courses in NY. Is it worth it? | allnurses

Phlebotomy courses in NY. Is it worth it?

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    I want to take courses in phlebotomy during summer. I am currently trying to get back into nursing program. But while I will be in school I want to work in the medical field. Would you be able to recommend good school for phlebotomy. And is it worth spending time on it, since anyway as a nurse i will be licensed to do that. I just feel like getting back into nursing program might take long time and finishing it as well. Thanks for all ideas in advance.
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    Hey! I'm looking to do the same thing, take phlebotomy classes this summer so I can work while studying nursing. Depending on where you live...I found a couple SUNY community colleges upstate that have phlebotomy, or if you live closer to the five boroughs...York College has phlebotomy. Otherwise...there's career schools in the city, though they do not accept financial aid or loans. It seems a lot of people go to the Manhattan Institute, but I was little put off by their website, just because it didn't seem too professional. The York College program says it's a 3 hour per week, 9 week certificate program. I found it more reliable of a program, just because it's a CUNY school, and not just a career school (not knocking anyone). I did a google search, and also found Stony Brook also has a Phlebotomy program, but I can't tell if it's offered every semester, it was a PDF flier from a previous semester. I'm going to try calling some schools and asking around. Good luck!
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    Thank you, I know kingsborough community college offers it starting june 16, 2010. But I heard its 3 month program. Ill look into York College if the program is shorter. But that doesnt sound right. Since they are all CUNYS they should be the same time frame.
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    Did you guys attend any courses in the end and work? I'm looking into phlebotomist courses now and yes Manhattan Institute website didn't look professional, ie. it did not outline course content, just spent time selling course... However, I have heard the short 3 weeks at Manhattan Institute is enough to acquire the skill... Anyone advice from anyone who's studied this in NYC?
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    took phlebotomy course in Manhattan institute .... SAVE YOUR MONEY... go to the allen school
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    There is an excellent Phlebotomy course at The Red Cross in NYC. Their syllabus is available online. Its great because their equipment and textbooks are brand new.
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    I cannot seem to find the phlebotomy courses to register for at The Red Cross. Are they not offering it anymore?
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    I just called The Red Cross and they said they are no longer offering the Phlebotomy course.
    Does anyone know of any others? I am located in Orange County, NY. My local SUNY school is no longer offering it either
    I am close to Northern NJ as well.