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In the process of putting together my application for PBISN 2013. Who else is applying? I'm curious to hear from current students and recent grads--what was your background? Your NLN scores/GPA? Thoughts on the program? Good... Read More

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    Great, even better! Are you currently applying to any other programs Nmh1888?

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    I heard not long after your interview you get your acceptance
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    I am still waiting to hear from NYU and SUUNY Downstate ABDN programs. I already have a bachelor degree.
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    When is the interview? Are you nervous?
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    My interview is on the 18th. I am trying not to be nervous about it and just relax and be myself.

    Hopefully you will hear soon as well.
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    My interview is this Friday, the 15th. Do you girls/guys want to share some mock interview questions? I figure it will be a good way to practice
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    They emailed me today telling me my application has gone to the committee for review. One of the older threads has some of the interview questions listed.
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    Jodi-- Here is the link to the previous post about the interviews.

    I met with someone from the school back in January and she told me that the interviews are very laid back. She told me that your essay will most likely be refrenced so I would make sure to take a look over it again before you go. During the interview they will go over the different programs offered and talk about which one you think suits your needs the best.
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    Has anybody interviewed? I'm curious to know how they go.
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    Nmh1888- I interviewed with ****. She is very laid back and friendly, she makes you feel comfortable enough to the point where ur conversation flows well and ur able to take time to think of ur answers. Very low pressure. She asked me about 4 typical questions (like the prior forum states), and spoke about my essay. Then finally, she went over the program types and how they work. We spoke for approx an hour. Don't be nervous- she's a pleasure to speak with.. I suggest reviewing your delivery and make sure to dress appropriately. Goodluck!!
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