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Hello, I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten their acceptance letter for the Fall 2012 CDP program at pace. Thank you... Read More

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    But there is only one kind of MS specialization for Pace right?..the Nurse Practitioner... NYU offers so many others. Im still debating =/
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    does anyone know if there is way to check our application status online or do we have to just keep calling the graduate admission office?
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    I know of no way to check online.. I kept calling them. Hope you hear something soon!
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    The Cdp one year program is about $16,048 per semester. Check this link for Pace's tution Tuition & Fees | Future Students | Pace University.
    Lienhard Approach to Nursing | Lienhard School of Nursing | Pace University

    Pace has a Masters in Arts for Nursing Education and a Masters in Science for Family Nurse Practioner. I believe you have to be an RN for atleast a year before entering the programs. Have any of you looked into Columbia's ETP program they offer so many more options for the MS portion!!!! I am thinking of apply to Columbia as well. I know it's way more expensive than Pace but Columbia's program offers way more. Please check out theirwebsite aswell.
    Columbia University School of Nursing

    Columbia University School of Nursing
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    I believe that is incorrect regarding being an RN for a year. You can start the masters portion whenever you want. They made this quite clear at the info session. It is a combined degree and if you chose to, you can complete the program in 3 years if you stay full time. An upside to choosing Pace over Columbia is that Pace does not require the GRE's while Columbia does. Not to mention the cost. But I see what you mean about options for the masters portion. Columbia does have more.
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    FYI- I called Pace today because I have not gotten ANY written confirmation to date that I was accepted, only verbal, so I wanted to see what was going on. They said they are behind in getting letters out but told me that they are being sent next week... so for anyone who is still waiting, maybe you will find out you get in next week! Fingers are crossed for you all!
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    Thanks for the update. I look forward to bugging them next week
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    hi guys,

    everyone on this chat have convinced me to apply for accelerated programs. i wasn't sure if nursing was my niche and i decided to start a lpn program. i will be finished in july.

    i sent out my application to pace yesterday and my transcripts were sent out today. i also applied to several other programs such as liu, adelphi and mount st vincents. i hope i get into a program at one of those schools. good luck to everyone who got accepted to a program so far. good luck to everyone still waiting and remember to stay positive.

    if accepted into a program and if you haven't done so already, can you post your gpa and pre-req grades.
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    okay, so i finally have an update. i applied back in november, and haven't heard anything since. i kept calling the office, and they would say "2 weeks you'll have a decision" or "your application is currently in committee review", etc.

    so one day last month, i finally got the guts up to say "you have been telling me 2 weeks for 3 months now!" the lady took my email address down, and within a day i was emailed by someone named lindsay bennett. she said she was sorry and that i would hear in a couple weeks.

    a month goes by, and i finally email her yesterday asking if she had a decision yet, as other schools are already deciding and i need to plan my future! i got an email today......

    i am being invited for an interview! she said she thought someone had already told me.....

    so yay! life is a little more smooth now. only problem is i live in california, so hopefully they do phone interviews!

    the only thing i'm worried about was this little sentence: "we have to make arrangements with the nursing staff for the interviews, so we appreciate your patience". so hopefully things go a little smoother and it doesn't turn out i didn't get to interview because they didn't tell me when it was.

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    Hello All,
    I applied to the program in the beginning of April and had all of my documents in by April 19th, I just was notified yesterday that I was accepted to the program! I am wondering if anyone who's been accepted has created a facebook group yet?
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    Has anyone received a letter from them? I found out I was accepted verbally over a month ago and still nothing. I have called twice since then and was assured I would be getting my letter the next week. I was accepted to NYU and the deposit is due next week. I can't simply go by a verbal acceptance alone as I have been burned by another college in the past. This is so frustrating!!!!
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    Maybe you can go directly to the school and ask for a hard copy of the acceptance. If they have already accepted you, I don't see why they wouldn't just make a copy of the acceptance letter and give it to you. Good luck!
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    @amchugh209- I also received verbal confirmation earlier this week and I received my acceptance package in the mail on Friday, May 4th. If you go on to the website you can view the steps you need to complete before enrollment. There is a $200 deposit and you also need to set up your username/password for your pace portal account. If you search on you can find your username and your default password is just your first and last initials and your DOB in the format MM/DD/YY once you log on to PACE portal you can click the enrollment/registration link and it will bring you to a page that confirms your acceptance. Hopefully you'll receive your acceptance package in the mail soon!

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