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  1. hello everybody! i was wondering if nebody and know anyone who went to nyu for nursing? I'm thinking about applying to NYU for the bsn program n i was wondering if it's hard to get into? HeLp? :spin:
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  3. by   LibraSunCNM
    I'm currently a senior in the NYU nursing program. I came straight from high school, but I would say the majority of the students are second degree. I'll never regret going to NYU because of the overall experience I had (living in New York, meeting great people, studying abroad, etc.), but I wouldn't recommend the nursing program too highly. Right now it's in a state of massive overhaul--we used to be part of the school of education, and now we're part of the College of Dentistry, so they're letting in more and more people, without being able to find more and more instructors. The result is huge classes, huge clinical groups (sometimes), and feeling pretty insignificant in the midst of all those people. I also felt like the second degree students were catered to a lot more than the traditional students like me. A lot of things are disorganized and chaotic. That being said, I will have a BSN from a highly regarded school, and 2 summer externships under my belt, when I graduate. It's really up to you, and the vibe that you get from the school. Hope this helped.
  4. by   RNillini14
    I am applying to NYU's 15 month accelerated BSN program. Do you know anything about this program or what I can expect similar to what you said about the traditional BSN program?
  5. by   LibraSunCNM
    The 15-month program is the same as the traditional program in that all the students take the same classes, but your program is a little more intense because of the short period of time, and the fact that you have summer school, etc. For example, I took Fundamentals of Nursing in Spring of '06, then that fall semester I studied abroad, then came back that spring and did Adult Health and Maternity, followed by Peds, Psych, and Elder Care last fall. You guys start right away with Fundamentals and go straight through, with fewer spots for electives. But we all take the same 8 clinical courses and required electives. Does that make sense/answer your question? Let me know if it doesn't.
  6. by   RNillini14
    Thanks! Do you have any other thoughts about the program? Do you feel it is well structured and taught with good instructors who care about the students and seeing them succeed? What made you decide on NYU nursing over another school and are you happy you went there? Are there any cons about NYU ie facilities, overly large class sizes, little personal attention?
  7. by   msnkiss
    I also applied for the 15 Month Accelerated Program. Have you guys heard anything?
    I can't wait to see if I get in. When are they suppose to let you know by?
  8. by   LibraSunCNM
    I didn't feel that the program was well-structured because they're in the middle of re-structuring it (see above about moving to College of Dentistry). In the past, I'm sure it was, and in the future, I'm sure it will be, but I just came in at a weird time. A lot of the instructors are fabulous. Some of them are not. I know a lot of them really cared about us succeeding. I felt others didn't, especially in the administration. Just to let you know, NYU is very large and thus a VERY bureaucratic system. It is often difficult to find information you need, or help when you need it, regarding anything from scholarship information to study abroad programs. The facilities aren't bad, NYU Nursing has their own building with lab and simulation rooms, although classes are generally held in large auditoriums, because lectures are huge. I know that part of their plans for expanding our college involves way larger facilities around the dental school, up on 25th, but these probably won't be completed for years. I did feel that there was a lack of personal attention, but again, it's all about your own experience. I'm not trying to shut NYU down. I'll never regret going there because I got to come to NYC and I met amazing people and had amazing experiences. I also have no other nursing education experience to compare it to. I know every nursing school has a lot of problems, and to be honest, NYU probably isn't that bad comparatively. I decided to go there because I wanted to live in NYC and because NYU has a master's program in Midwifery, which is what I want to do, and they allow you to do a dual-degree program where you can take up to 9 credits of graduate electives in undergrad and have them count for credit for both undergrad and graduate school. Then I'm automatically accepted into the master's program as long as I continue the rest of my graduate school within a year of graduating from undergrad. Sorry my posts are so long! I'm trying to answer everything you guys want to know. As always, feel free to ask more questions and I'll do my best. I know what it's like to want answers.
  9. by   evergr33n16
    Hi there! I went to NYU for my BSN (2nd degree) and did my MS in adult with the accelerated program. I graduated in 2002 and 2006. I had a great experience at NYU - it was the best decision I ever made. GL!
  10. by   lucy001
    Hi, I am trying to decide between applying to the accelerated program and the traditional (for 2nd degree BSN). I kind of like the idea of not rushing through the program. The website doesn't make it very clear though if the 2 year is for transfers only or for people who would simply prefer it over the accelerated course. Does anyone have any advice on which one to go for?
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  11. by   LibraSunCNM
    If you're second degree, you don't have to do it in 15 months, although that is the most common way. But some people take the summers off and so they finish in 2 years. That would likely be your best bet. I'm pretty sure you can't spread it out over 4 years, like a regular undergrad degree, if you already have all your prereqs and everything.
  12. by   lucy001
    Thanks! Yeah, I want to do it in 2 years and am just hoping that is the best choice for me!
  13. by   Murse1028
    Just putting in my 2 cents. I managed the NCLEX program for a premier test prep company for 2 years and worked with students from every nursing school in Manhattan. Because of the relationship my company has with NYU, I got to work with 4 graduating classes from NYU and I feel that NYU students are the best fundamentally trained nurses in NY. So when I decided to pursue a nursing career, I chose NYU. I'm currently in its 15 months program and so far so good! I'd recommend it to anyone.
  14. by   LibraSunCNM
    I'm sure that's absolutely true about NYU students. We hear that a lot. And I'm guessing that the experiences at most other schools in the city are much, much worse. I know a girl at Pace who says it's totally disorganized, and while some of the 2 year programs are fabulous, I know some are definitely not. My concern with NYU at this point is that they're letting in more and more students each semester without enough instructors to teach them or enough room for lectures and clinical sites. The fall incoming class will have 230 people. To me, that's insane, but I'm sure they'll figure out ways to make it work. And yes, plenty of people do the 2nd degree program in 2 years, that's what I would do. 15 months is very intense.