NYU ABSN Fall 2013 Entry

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    Hello everyone! I have submitted my application and my transcripts to NYU for the ABSN program beginning in fall 2013! I am very excited but surprised that we will be hearing so late about an admission decision. Is anyone else applying?

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    I'm applying. Still pulling together all my letters/etc. Does anyone know NYU's acceptance rate?
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    I attended an open house last week and they said the acceptance rate is 35%.
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    I was told the 35% acceptance rate as well Nmh, what else did you learn at the open house?
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    I am applying as well. Most likely submitting my application by March 1st (priority deadline). How are you guys submitting the letters of recommendation ? Are you mailing them or providing them with envelopes ?
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    They stressed that they do not only look at GPA, essay and recommendations are important. They have accepted people with below a 3.0 and rejected people with above a 3.0 based on the rest of the application.
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    My recommendation writer sent mine off for me, and used an envelope the school provided for her.Nmh, thanks for writing back! Do you live in the area?
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    i applied! april is so far away!
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    I am applying as well! Good luck, everybody!
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    So do we hear by April 1st? I'm a bit confused from different things I've been hearing and reading!

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