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    Hello All,

    Has anyone had to do a self assessment for NYP to get a job? Please let me know.

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    what is a self assessment? did u have a interview @ nyp and was asked to take a self assessment test
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    I was just asked to complete this as well.

    Did you complete the assessment? Could you share your experience?

    Thank you,
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    I did completed it. It wasn't so bad, they were behavorial questions. It takes about an hour to complete. If u do well they will call you for an interview within two weeks.
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    Are you a new grad? I applied to NYP but received an email back that I didn't meet their minimum qualifications.... i.e. no experience.
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    I am a new grad who has been applying to NYP since before I graduated in May.

    I haven't been granted an interview; only told to take this test as a first step.

    Hopefully, it goes well!
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    Are you all referring to the Nurse Career Battery Testing?
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    i was asked to take this test also. i am a bit nervous; i did not know it was timed. do you need a calculator? about how many questions were there. any help is greatly appreciated. i donít want to work myself up before taking it tonight.
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    Yes, the Career Battery.

    -No calculator required. It's a series of behavioral questions regarding working habits.

    I answered as honestly as possible; so we shall see...

    I'll post again should my performance on the test get me an interview.

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    Thanks WJS1. I had two more quick questions. Do you get a score and is it multiple choice. Thanks

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