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hey everyone! I'm currently a student at hunter college and am applying for the nursing program for Fall 2010. I am taking the NLN tomorrow and am very nervous! I know the test is computer based and... Read More

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    yep you got it right for the uniforms. There is a ton of reading and I didn't even start yet. Does anyone know if we need to buy that tracking system before classes start? They said there were instructions on Bb but I couldn't find it.. but then again there are so many documents posted
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    What tracking system?? Haven't heard anything about that...
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    Quote from annag425
    hey everyone! I'm currently a student at hunter college and am applying for the nursing program for Fall 2010. I am taking the NLN tomorrow and am very nervous! I know the test is computer based and you can get your score as soon as your finished taking the test. I know there have been NLN exams going on since Monday. I was wondering if people wanted to share their scores (totally anonymous) just so we can get idea of what the high-low scores are. I hope everyone did well and I hope to see you in the program this fall!
    Anna, could you tell me if you can apply to their program with a course in progress? I am accepted into their College for the spring semester and need to take an English class and am wondering if I can still apply to their accelerated BSN program while taking that class since it will start in the Fall of 2011.

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    Hi all,

    You guys have already gone thru the process and was wondering if the NLN RED BOOK .. from amazon helped at all for the science part of the NLN. I am applying for the Hunter Program this february and have tons of books i've been studying from- the Red NLN book, the PAX-RN Secrets Book, Barrons, Allied Health, and Learning Express for Nursing School Entrance Exam. I'm not quite sure if I even need all of them. Your help would be greatly appreciated!! thank you!
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    This years test was hard! i have never heard of most of the words, half of the science wasnt even on the review book (i also studied several) and the graphs were tiny.
    Scored composite of 134
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    Hey what are everyone's thoughts on the likelihood of my acceptance to the Second-degree Accelerated Program?

    Overall GPA: 3.73
    NLN Composite: 135

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    Hi i have a quick question, did most of yu apply freshman year or sophomore year??