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They are interviewing, I just got a call from them. Hoping to connect with prospective candidates and past candidates. What was your experience like? How long was the program? and most... Read More

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    Yeah I agree. I'll send you an email. My test date is July 5th. That was the earliest test date possible for my area. They wanted it even earlier but it wasn't possible =(. The next date I saw for Lake Success test center was 2nd week of july I believe.
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    I don't graduate until May, but I have been interested in the fellowship after I'm finished with school. I searched the website, and there is no mention of start dates, or how many admission cycles per year they allow.

    Do they post the fellowship randomly in the Job Search Listings as it becomes available? How did you find out when the application cycle opens?
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    Hi has anyone heard back from HR yet if they got into the fellowship program??
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    I believe they usually run the fellowships twice a year...as to when they put up postings, I'm not sure. I just happen to check the day it was posted which was really lucky for me because they are only up for 2-3 days and then taken down. I would call HR to make sure when to expect it.
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    Does anyone know if the patient safety institute guarantees you a spot ? I did my first 2 interviews and now i am going to patient safety orientation and i wanted to know is this the final fellowship group? Tia
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    @juicyyygirl, when did you have your 1st & 2nd interview? i did my 1st a week ago and havent heard back from nurse recruiter..
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    About 3weeks ago 😔
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    I guess i didnt get the offer
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    I've been looking for this fellowship..does anyone know how to find it on the website? Is it under the RN job listing or somethign else?
    Thank You in advance
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    They usually post it randomly and take it down in 2-3 days later. you need to look it up everyday
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    Does anyone have any advice or heads up? What questions were asked? Was the head to toe basic, done on a Sim model or the recruiter? Anything that you think might be helpful thank you!