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They are interviewing, I just got a call from them. Hoping to connect with prospective candidates and past candidates. What was your experience like? How long was the program? and most... Read More

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    Quote from FIDOGS
    They are considering A.S. degrees and give you two years to enroll and 5 to complete. They expect that you know how to do a physical, verbal head to toe assessment. She is going to ask you about a patient that stood out in your clinical experience.how would you involve the family members and staff into helping the patient feel comfortable. key points are customer service.

    Good luck.
    How in-depth was the physical and head to toe? Did you have to demonstrate anything?


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    Good luck to everyone. I know I asked how many were being accepted for this round and was told only four. I interviewed previously for this fellowship and it is hard to get into. I am hoping that this time is a charm.
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    That's is great to know NurseNY. Are you an experience nurse? Did you interview this time, if so did you interview with the same recruiter?
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    Hey Jlan,

    The website won't let me PM you because I haven't been "actively" using the site so I'll reply here. I would say if they haven't called in a week, call back the first nurse recruiter you interviewed with. That what they told me. I had my 2nd just two days after the first one but I guess it's 'cause I was one of the first one to interview and they had a lot of time. Keep me updated on how it goes!
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    Canny, I actually got your PM! I don't know how much info we should be exchanging here, but I followed up and was told that all the info got sent to hiring managers, so no decision has been made yet. I thought HR selected those they liked in the first round....perhaps not. I guess I just have to wait :-/ Do you have the date for your NCLEX yet? I'm still waiting for my permission to test, hoping for some time in early July.
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    Canny, if you want to email me directly, I'm at jg2933@nyu.edu
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    Yeah I agree. I'll send you an email. My test date is July 5th. That was the earliest test date possible for my area. They wanted it even earlier but it wasn't possible =(. The next date I saw for Lake Success test center was 2nd week of july I believe.
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    I don't graduate until May, but I have been interested in the fellowship after I'm finished with school. I searched the website, and there is no mention of start dates, or how many admission cycles per year they allow.

    Do they post the fellowship randomly in the Job Search Listings as it becomes available? How did you find out when the application cycle opens?
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    Hi has anyone heard back from HR yet if they got into the fellowship program??
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    I believe they usually run the fellowships twice a year...as to when they put up postings, I'm not sure. I just happen to check the day it was posted which was really lucky for me because they are only up for 2-3 days and then taken down. I would call HR to make sure when to expect it.

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