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Does anyone have any inside information/opinions about this program. I was just offered an interview and I am very excited about it, but I would love if anyone could tell me anything about it if they went through the program... Read More

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    When did you hear about the positions filled by internal applicants? We just interviewed not long ago. Strange indeed!
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    I know they filled the ED fellowship, not certain about the critical care one...
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    How do you know? I just called and they said they haven't even done the 2nd interviews yet.
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    How did you find out? Were you interviewed?
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    The woman I interviewed with said there are 7-9 spots available between LIJ and manhasset for the ED fellowship.
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    anyone hear back? or is it filled?
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    I haven't heard back yet, I plan on calling sometime this week.
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    Nothing yet..
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    the critical care starts in october..its not filled because they recently posted the position online..

    Registered Nurse- Surgical Intensive Care Unit- Critical Care Fellowship-October 2012 Job New Hyde Park, New York - Apply Online
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    Any updates, guys? Wondering how the process is going...