New Grad needs info on St. Francis Hospital in LI

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    Hey everyone,

    I recently got an interview for an RN position at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, Long Island. I'm super excited and a little nervous since its the first interview I've gotten since graduating this May. Can anyone please give me some info on the hospital, like the type of atmosphere, support available to new grads, salary, or what its like to interview there? I've researched the hospital like crazy but I would like to hear from anyone who has worked there or knows someone that works there.

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    I worked there for 7 years as CCP and Nurse Extender and left 4 years ago. Like all places it has it good and bad points. I feel SFH was adult version of Catholic School. The nurses for the most part were unhappy and miserable there. They had v. critical patients, in other hospitals would be in ICU and CCU and would be on the Med-Surg Tele floors at SFH. All the floors are Tele, the nurses carry pt loads 7-9, when I worked there up to 10. That is unheard of in other hospitals, where I currently work is 6:1 on the tele floors. The doctors are v. arrogrant in particular the EPS docs. The managment is highly critical and unsupportive at times. You are also dealing with a pt poulation from the North Shore which can be demanding as well. The hospital did have nice perks like Xmas bonus and it does pay well. You will a learn alot working there, but don't drink the Kool-Aid, get a year's experience and get out. They burned out alot of new grads when I worked there, they didn't like expereinced nurses from other hospitals. They rather train newbies who wouldn't know better and demand better conditions, that is why they always recruited Molloy grads.
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    Hi =) I was wondering if you had your interview already. I just wanted to get some advice as well. What types of questions they asked and how it was.
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    Thanks for your posts! I had my interview already with the nurse recruiter and nurse manager. They're only interviewing new grads for med-surg positions. I asked about nurse-patient ratios after reading what the first poster wrote and I was told it was 1:7 but can go up to 1:8!!!! That made me nervous since most of the hospitals I know of have ratios of 1:6.

    The nurse recruiter asked basic interview questions i.e. tell me about yourself, strengths/weaknesses,favorite clinical rotation, time you disagreed with a supervisor, why you want to work here etc. The nurse manager interview was a little longer and they were more behavioral type interview questions i.e. what would you do if... you had a difficult patient, if the stress level on the unit was high, etc.
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    Thanks for all the advice. I'm having an interview next week and I'm a bit nervous!!! Been researching the website over and over... haha!!! How was your interview? Was the interview on the same day with the recruiter and the manager? Did they give you a tour of the place and liked it?

    I appreciate all the info. I hope you get the job!!!
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    my friend got a job there and she absolutely hates it. She said the staff are unsupportive, if something goes wrong the seniors like to throw you under the bus. But a job is a job. If that is ur only offer I would say take it,.. reap all the experience as you can,.. and then move on.
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    Thanks for all your insight everyone. I also was not exactly thrilled by the staffing ratios, the type of unit or the location (I would have to take public transportation from Queens, almost a 2 hour commute). I have another interview at a hospital in Manhattan coming up so I'm hoping for better luck!
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    Did you get the position?
    I just interviewed there today with the nurse recruiter and I'm going back tomorrow for an interview with a nurse manager.
    I did my med/surge clinical there and I absolutely loved it. The staff were all so nice and I had a great impression of the place. In every facility there will be things you like and things you don't. You just gotta stay focused on the positive!
    Good luck!
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    Hi everyone . Anybody got the job already??? I had my interview today with the recruiter. It went well. She said that I should be hearing from her by the end of the week if I get chosen for the second interview. I'm just praying that i would =).

    Hey Rixter! How was your interview with the Nurse Manager. I hope it went well. Its good that you had your clinical there, thats definitely a plus!!!... You got a feel of the place already.

    Well guys have a great day.... will be posting more info for any updates...
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    Wow..I am so happy for you all. If you went for an interview, that in itself says a lot! Its very tough for new grads right now...I graduted in May 2010. I have been applying at every single hospital, clinic, doctors office in NYC. How did you guys manage to get an interview at St.Francis? Please give me some advice. Where did you fill out the application?
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