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Hi all, I am a new graduate RN and have an interview at Mount Sinai with the nurse recruiter on Wednesday. I was wondering if anyone has any tips, advise, or information on the interview... Read More

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    Hi everyone!!

    I've been applying to a lot of positions in Mt Sinai and I haven't gotten anything. What positions did you guys apply for? I'm a new grad with no healthcare background so maybe they wouldn't even consider me?

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    I know it was a couple of months ago... but I would love to hear from you if Mt. Sinai ever made any contact back. I just found myself in the same situation right now. I never felt so helpless.
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    I applied a while back to and haven't heard anything. Are they even hiring new grads?
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    They DO hire new grads! I am a january BSN new grad who got licensed in April and applied to various positions at mt. sinai in april and may. It took them about 2 months to call me for an interview!!!!!! I declined it though because I already accepted a job offer from other hospital! There are definitely certain units that hire new grads....not every unit does though from what the nurse recruiter told me on the phone. Good luck!!!
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    So what areas of Mt. Sanai do hire new grads?? Anyone?
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    anyone willing to say what floors hire new grads??
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    All floors hire new grads at some point. It all depends on if they have open positions (some people stay at a hospital their whole career, 30+ years) and if the manager prefers an experienced nurse or its the time of the year when they are open to hiring a new grad. New grad hiring depends on time and staffing as when one person is a preceptor then he or she would have less patients assigned to them as they also have to take time to teach. My advice is pick three units you like, apply to them (after your apply to a job and get confirmation, at bottom it says we strongly advise applicants to only apply to 3 jobs at a time). You can try to contact a recruiter via email also (use google to find) and ask if there are newgrad openings. You can also call and say you only want to know if there are new grad openings on any unit. THey will be more likely to put you through to ask your questions than if you just say i would like to speak to a recruiter. Recruiters are inundated with calls from new grads so they often do not pick up thinking its someone calling to ask for a job.
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    So try to contact a recruiter 1st and ask which units are taking new grads and apply to 3 from there? I was wondering about applying to multiple units and how that worked with sending in a résumé x amount of times. Thank you for your advice!
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    From what i've heard, floors hire new grads. I've actually seen a few new grads who've gotten hired in PICU and NICU fresh after passing their NCLEX. Also, only because they did internships at that hospital.
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    Its hard to get in without a connection to Mount Sinai. I emailed the vice president of recruitment my resume as a new grad 2.5 years ago and she replied back that new grad positions are scarce and that new grads that work at Mount Sinai or had internships there get priority. So try applying there (maybe you get luck) but also keep your options open to other RN jobs.

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