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Hi all, I am a new graduate RN and have an interview at Mount Sinai with the nurse recruiter on Wednesday. I was wondering if anyone has any tips, advise, or information on the interview process/questions asked? I'm really... Read More

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    Hi everyone!!

    I've been applying to a lot of positions in Mt Sinai and I haven't gotten anything. What positions did you guys apply for? I'm a new grad with no healthcare background so maybe they wouldn't even consider me?
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    I know it was a couple of months ago... but I would love to hear from you if Mt. Sinai ever made any contact back. I just found myself in the same situation right now. I never felt so helpless.
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    I applied a while back to and haven't heard anything. Are they even hiring new grads?
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    They DO hire new grads! I am a january BSN new grad who got licensed in April and applied to various positions at mt. sinai in april and may. It took them about 2 months to call me for an interview!!!!!! I declined it though because I already accepted a job offer from other hospital! There are definitely certain units that hire new grads....not every unit does though from what the nurse recruiter told me on the phone. Good luck!!!
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    So what areas of Mt. Sanai do hire new grads?? Anyone?