Nassau Community College : Anyone Applying for Spring 2011

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    Looking for anyone who is applying to NCC for Spring / January start ( or anyone else on the road to applying) who wants others in the same situation to go through the process with.

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    Hey! im also applying to NCC for Spring 2011 but im not sure yet if im applying for the Day or Evening program. Ive just heard so many things about how hard it is to get into and I'm not sure how well i'd stand in the evening program.
    I have all pre-req's except for MicroBiology and I have a 3.83 GPA right now.
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    Hi Ana! I applied this morning! I was told last spring at one of the nursing seminars that there was no evening in the spring start (Jan). So , I had to pause and consider what to do. I chose days, likely because I already had my head set that I didn't have a choice. I am doing my Micro this semester, and have all of my other pre req and co req completed. Don't focus on how hard it is to get into, just try. Let me know if you chose day or night and when you apply. Good Luck!
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    Hi Ladies!!

    I applied last week and am hoping for the best! My GPA is 3.91 however I'm currently taking A&P II and psych 216. I'm hoping to take medical micro in summer even though I've spoken to students who advised against it.

    Stay positive and keep me posted

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    Why would taking Mirco-Biology not be good for summer classes??
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    I hear they reject students who took remedial classes, which leaves me out of the running.
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    My daughter had to take a remedial reading when she first started she is a nursing student.
    So where ever you heard that ,it is not true
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    Annor - PM me..who is your daughter I wonder if she is in my class
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    Hi guys and gals. Just a lil bit of info, take it as you will. I applied to the nursing program in the spring of 2 semesters ago with a science GPA 0f 4.0 my overall GPA was a 3.85 i had all of my pre and co-requisites done with several honors classes. I got rejected from the program. Other friends of mine got in with lesser GPA's and less credits??? Anyway dont knock your chances before you get that letter. Apply and wait it out. Nassau has weird ways of picking their Nursing students and its not just (GPA(science), Residents, amount of credits) like they say.
    It was a blessing in disguise, i started the nursing program at Stony Brook this semester.

    For the person thinking about Med Micro in the summer. If your dedicated it's not that bad. I did Med Micro and A+P II in summer 1 and 2. and got A's.

    I drive to Stony Brook 4 days a week and it sucks but getting out with a BSN ( oh yeah Stony Brook has a two year BSN if you have 57 credits specific to what they want) is soo worth it.

    AAS's are getting jobs but BSN's are getting better ones and more of them. And RN's from reputable schools are getting them before cummunity colleges. A lot of people say NCC is a great RN school, till you get out of the NCC circle then other people tell you that it really isnt.
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    Hey everyone! well, i decided to apply for the day program. I applied the first week of October.
    Good luck to all of you.

    Does anyone know when they start sending the letters out?

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