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Mt. Sinai $68,000 effective 1/07... Read More

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    Quote from nyforlove
    I can only speak from my experience and what others have specifically told me, but I do think that 12 patients on med-surg would be an extreme case, perhaps where someone called in sick...I don't think that would be considered a "typical" load...I worked a "step-down floor" and had between 5 and 9 patients...the contract specifies one-to-seven nurse-to-patient ratio, ...
    That seems extremely unsafe to me. I work in Texas and at my hospital they just raised the nurse to patient ration on med-surg to 1:5 on days and on nights 1:6. Before that, we never went over 1:4 on med-surg.
    Our step-down is mandated 1:3 nurse to pt ratio, and ICU 1:2 and 1:1.

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    Pls keep posts RELEVENT to the topic of discussion, which in this case is NY hospitals &, it's salaries!!
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    Anyone know starting salary for any of the following hospitals?

    Mount Sinai
    Montefiore North Division

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    That salary page is about 3 years old. Adding one to list...

    Westchester Medical Center
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    Mount Sinai-- New Grad BSN= $35.??/hr (forgot the change, but it's not $35 flat), 10% night diff, and you get paid Weekly
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    anyone know NYC HHC salary for RNs ?

    ie coney island hospital, kings county hospital?
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    Anyone know the starting salary for Hospital for Special Surgeries ? night diff? pay according to experience? I have an interview there this week. Thanks in advance.
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    Base Pay for Patient care Tech. at Albany Medical Center?

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