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Hey everyone! I am new to the site and I have searched for information on this topic but I haven't seen any current info about Mount Sinai's orientation process. Has anyone recently gone through... Read More

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    Hi shadowness!

    Have you got any interviews yet?where have you been applying? Ive been applying like all over the US now because here in NY, so tough.
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    Hello all,

    I am a new grad BSN (from an accelerated program) with no experience, and I was recently hired as a clinical nurse at Mount Sinai. I graduated in December 2011, and it took several months to get my NY nursing license, since I had to apply for reciprocity from a different state. I applied to MSSM online in March and had no connections to the hospital, but was lucky enough to receive a phone call from a nurse recruiter five months after I applied offering me an interview. I interviewed with the nurse managers of two different floors on the same day, and then I was offered a position the following week. Here's what I can share with you guys about my experience starting at MSSM:

    The orientation at MSSM is undergoing a lot of changes (New grads - there will be a residency program starting in December or January) but when I went through it, it was a lot of classroom lectures and a few skills labs. You take the pharmacology exam at the end of the second week, and they give you a study guide to prepare for it. It is not the same exam used at other hospitals in NYC. The exam was tough, but the passing grade is pretty low, so the majority of people in my orientation passed. For those who don't pass, there is a version B of the exam that you take at the end of the next week. I didn't take the second version, so I can't speak to how it is different, but as far as I know, everyone passed eventually. You will be on the floor at various points during the orientation so make sure you have scrubs (right now you can wear any scrubs - although we are supposed to moving to all wearing one color, but that has yet to happen).

    BSN vs ASN:
    From what I've heard/seen, Mount Sinai will hire experienced nurses with Associate's degrees but will not hire new grads with Associate's degrees unless the person is already enrolled in a BSN program. We had one new grad in our orientation with an Associate's and she was graduating from a BSN program within the year.

    As a new nurse, you start out with a six month probation period. You don't get your full benefits (i.e. vacation time, conference reimbursement, etc.) until you pass the six month probation mark. If there is an issue before the six month period is up, the union won't fight for your job. That being said, a lot of your benefits (like health insurance) kick in at the one month mark. Mount Sinai is a great place to work and they do a lot for their employees - you just have to know what your resources are and how to access them.

    Any other questions? Congratulations to all the new MSSM hires and good luck to all those applying!
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    Quote from kumamuk

    BSN vs ASN:
    From what I've heard/seen, Mount Sinai will hire experienced nurses with Associate's degrees but will not hire new grads with Associate's degrees unless the person is already enrolled in a BSN program. We had one new grad in our orientation with an Associate's and she was graduating from a BSN program within the year.
    Wow! This has given me some kind of hope. Been applying for multiple positions in Mt. Sinai, but no luck! I have an Associate's degree with one year experience in med-surg. I am currently enrolled in an online BSN program, expecting to graduate God willing by Summer 2013.
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    You can request vacation after three months of vacation... Union made important note on that since everyone thinks you cannot request vacation until your probation is over. Union, however, suggested to use the 11 days given after three months to take off your fourth day of week work...
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    i mean three moths work lol
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    I had interviewed with Mount Sinai last week for a Per Diem position. Anyone know how long it takes for them to call back? Do they let you know even if you don't get the job. It would be nice to get a call even telling me I didn't get the job. I even emailed the nurse recruiter (hoping he replies back) I really hope I get it because it's one of my dream hospitals. I've been praying really hard.

    Also, do you think it's a good idea to apply to other positions in Mount Sinai while waiting to hear back? I'm afraid to apply and recruiters will think I'm not interested in the Per Diem position. Your opinions will be greatly appreciated
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    Anyone here ever do the per diem RN orientation? If so, how was it? What does the week consist of?
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    Still no information? Anyone? Just gonna bump this thread up. Hope someone can give me some details on the per diem orientation at Mount Sinai.
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    Anyone apply for per diem ER? Or work at Mount Sinai ER as per diem nurse? What does the hiring process and orientation involve?
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    hey guys,

    i got a call from mt sinai confirming the position and shift (nights) i applied for. she asked me a couple of questions regarding why im leaving my current job right now etc. she told me she's gonna call me back to be scheduled for an interview. anybody on the same boat? how is their current interview process right now? thanks
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    ok. so i got scheduled for an interview on friday with the Nurse Manager and not HR. I am freaking out. Anybody who is working at Mt Sinai right now and would like to shed some light? thank you!
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    thank you for your advice!!
    I had my first interview and recruitment sent my resume to 5 Mount Sinai Heart nurse managers with open positions on their floors. In hopes for a 2nd interview, what types of questions were you asked when you met the nurse manager on your floor? Do you still have the study guide for the pharm exam? Trying to keep myself busy and thought studying early (whether or not i can get a job there) could be useful.

    Thanks again!!
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    Hi kamamuk?

    How was your interview in mouth sinai? I just want to know what are they going to ask in the interview?
    thanks a lot.

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