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Anyone out there that applied to the Monroe College 2013 Nursing LPN Program ?... Read More

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    Hey I have a question about the nursing program at Monroe. When you went for the interview at Monroe did they tell you the same day that you was accepted into the program or did they call you or send you a letter to tell you that you was accepted into the program?
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    Mildred Elley seems to be not a great choice,even though they have evening classes, it's just not for me. So Monroe it is! I spoke with someone on the Nursing Dept today and I was told that you can complete your pre- req's there and also i'm scheduled to sit for a nursing information session next week, i'm looking forward to begin classes soon!
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    I just finished my associates RN at monroe college , WATCH-OUT!!!! this program is NOT ACCREDITED( its accredited by the state which they will tell you, but it needs to be nationally accredited), if you looking to work in a hospital- do not expect find a job when you graduate, almost all hospitals require students to graduate from an NLN or CCNE accredited college.

    Im currently going to an RN-BSN college that is NLN CCNE accredited- thank- god I'm not making a mistake this time around.

    Also 20,000 a year LPN year
    Another 20,000 Associated Rn=$ 40,000 (this college is WAY too expensive) prob cause its for profit
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    Hi Cathy,
    Have you had any problems getting a job? I finally found a job after 3 months. I know that monroe is not accredited but it really does not seem to make a difference in the landing a job. .

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