Mid Manhattan / Brooklyn Adult learning lpn program Fall 2013

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    Hello all,
    I figure since those of us that have passed the waiting phase are now in the acceptance phrase and waiting to start the program we can start a new post.
    Congrats to all again!
    Who will be in Manhattan
    And Brooklyn?
    Where you getting your supplies?
    Anyone plan on making many friends or keeping their head in the books at all times?

    If possible this can be our go to for the year.

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    I'm going to Manhattan. Got my supplies from various online retailers. I will be friendly but I can't hang out much because I know the amount of work involved for this program. Very excited to learn. I look forward to becoming a competent and savvy nurse.
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    I'm hopefully going to Brooklyn. Went and registered today and ms. Armstrong is suppose to email us with Who is going where. I'm planning to look around online for my supplies and scrubs.
    I found funny is today I came home and found out I was accepted to medgars Evers college. Plan on going tomorrow to see what they are offering me.
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    I'm also planning Brooklyn Going to pay tomorrow.Today was busy at work.We can buy uniform wherever we want?
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    im surprised that there is actually people here who got into the program. I was told that when you go take the test, its a building full of people...like almost 300 from each borough and that they only choose about 30 for each borough. I'm actually glad to hear that there are people who were able to get in. Congrats to all of you and i wish you all the best. i start class septemeber 30th in a school in jersey.
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    Went today and I'm more humbled then ecstatic. I like ms Armstrong. Yes books $900 GOSH GOT TO FIND SOME ONLINE!
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    What campus did you pick imsofocused?
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    I requested the Brooklyn Site, so hopefully they will honor that. I plan on buying my supplies wherever I can find them the cheapest at. In regards to making friends, I'm with bubbly. I will be friendly but I will barely have time for the people already in my life so I don't see how I would have the time for new ones but I guess I'm open to try if I meet some wonderful people.
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    Brooklyn school.

    My goal is not to make friends... study groups sure but thats it...hang and talk about this n that.....nope I'm there to learn and learn only. This is going to be very intense and stressful I have no time to play games, lollygag and gossip.

    But I will make friends with people that are all about school....breathe school, eat school n making good grades. Lol
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    I'm with you guys. I don't have time for extra curricular activities. I need to work extra hard at my math plus have three kids 11, 2 and ten months. Need study buddies.

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