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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

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    Hey triniminnie. She and I already made contact. Thanks for responding :-)
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    Hey Trini,
    I reviewed the email. Who said that MM will have lockers? I didn't know that. I guess there's a lot of things I don't know. 8-4 is going to be a drag, where do you live?
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    I actually sent a seperate email specifically asking her if we did. lol. And I live Brooklyn.
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    Quote from mslello
    Hey triniminnie. She and I already made contact. Thanks for responding :-)
    Ok good to hear. I'm surprised that there are not many people from brooklyn here seeing as how all the seats are full. But I did notice there are way less people actively on this thread compared to prior years.
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    Quote from jackie922
    Absolutely! Im so excited i just wanna get started already.
    i just tried to send you an email and your inbox is full. You can go ahead and search me again on FB since i've changed my settings.
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    Oh, okay. Lol. I understand. I also sent Jackie an email since I can't respond to messages, and gave her my Facebook info but I haven't resceived a reply.
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    shirley i just sent you a friend request too
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    Yup, got it! How'd you find me? Lol
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    lol your name was on your email. i just searched it.
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    Lol, okay. I wonder if there's anyone else going to MM aside from you, Jackie, and I...