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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

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    Thanks I'm sure you passed too. I actually got my results in two weeks. How do you think you did?

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    To be honest Jackie, I don't know how I did. The language part had me, but either way it goes I know I did the best I could. Either way I will go on to college to do the RN program, and do what I have to do to become a RN. I don't let nothing get me down, I am a type of person where I brush myself off and keep on pushing til I get to where I want to be. Did you take your tabe test yet? If so, how was it? What is the rest of the process like?
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    did anyone from the feb11 received their scores yet? Heard they went out on monday march 5 from New Jersey
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    well I didn't pass the entrance exam but good luck to everyone who did, everyone who is still waiting, and those who will be taking the test.
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    How many math question are in the math section of the exam?
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    does anyone know where to get the drug testing?
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    @ stush theres 50.Znaid you can get it at your doctor s office its a urine sample just ask for the full 9panel test
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    So I got an overall 74 percentile. 34/40 reading 67 percentile 48/50 math 91 percentile 49/60 percentile in language 42 percentile =( does anyone know of they give u a second chance to do a part over. Because I came really close. I would hate to have to wait another year to take this test.
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    finally!!!!!!! after nights of sacrifice and missing my vacation trip to canada, i got my acceptance letter!!!!!!
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    So does your acceptance letter state whether u are accepted in the program and or if you qualify for the scholarship placement? Also, did anyone receive the application packet ?

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