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Hey fellow nurses. i am surprised to not find much recent activity about anyone who has had experience with interviewing or currently working at maimonides hospital. I have an interview next week which is AMAZING, since I am... Read More

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    Hey Bro I hope you get it! don't worry you did your best and you also did follow which is good! I know waiting back for a phone call is pain in the butt! But keep praying and good things will happen! but keep us update! I feel good and get hope when a ADN get hire!
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    I recently interviewed, three to four weeks ago. They will call you if they find an open position that would fit your criteria. I am sure they will call you as soon as they have an open position. I didn't meet with the DON, so maybe you will not need to go through the nurse manager, and will be hired directly... I dont know how their hiring process works .....
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    Good luck. I hear good things about Maimo. I might apply there myself.
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    hey srn789, so the DON mentioned the nurse manager will still need to make a final decision. dont know what that means. i wrote a follow up email from last thursdays meeting and have not heard back from him....rumor has it from another friend who interviewed is that there are 15 spots for the july and that there are over 1500 applicants applying. not sure when i could expect to hear that i may be a good fit. i will email or call again to follow up if i dont hear anything in the next two weeks. i do know hospitals take time to finish a hiring process. but i just dont want to be left in dark about what they are doing or deciding..
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    Any update on your status yet? I was thinking of applying there myself.
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    I was just wondering what the nursing panel interview was like? How many people were there? What kind of questions did they ask etc. sorry it didn't go well, but at least it was experience interviewing and you'll know more what to expect next time around. best of luck!
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    there was no panel. i guess i didnt get that far.
    i am still working as an ambulatory surgery center for endoscopies. i am hoping by the time i hit one year of working as a nurse that i will be able to break into a hospital.
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    I have an interview with the nurse manager of the pediatrics unit coming up this week. any advice?
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    Its a tough hospital to get a job....I have spoken to the DON, the ASDON, been to their office and still they are saying, that they are not hiring and have a waiting list. But we also heard the same story from the DON last April when they came to who knows whats going on with the hospital. All I can is that its tough getting a position in a hospital in the NYC area and God only knows when I will get a job. But honestly, I am ok with anything at this point and even getting anything is not easy. Good luck on your interviews at Maimo.
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    Mmkrn, how was the interview? I have pediatric experience in a clinic (close to a year) and also previous job experience as child development associate and PALS, NRP, ACLS certifications, and had a clinical rotation there also. I applied to Maimonides several times via online app, e-mail, and fax and never got a call back. How did you apply to get a callback for interview? DId you have connections or a lot of experience? thank you

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