Kings County Hospital Pharmacology

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    Wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with the Kings County pharmacology exam, I need to take it and I have not a clue what is on it. Is it mainly math related which I hope, how many questions is on it, how hard should one prepare for it and any suggestions on how to prepare for it. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    I know that was posted a while ago, but if there are others out there wondering. . . .
    I just took it.
    60 questions, multiple choice. I am straight out of nursing school but I thought it was HARD. About a third of it was med math: conversions, so that wasn't so bad. The rest was on med administration, side effects, contra indications etc. There was a lot on there that I had never heard of. How to study? I don't know. But the good news is you can take it again if you fail. You need a 75% to pass.
    -good luck to all.
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    How did you get to interview with them? Did you go to the open house they had last thursday?
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    Yes I was at their open house last Thursday. I thought them offering the exam was a good sign but then I realized hundreds of other people are taking the exam too so it means nothing. I've been looking for about 2 months now for a job in a market where no one wants to hire a new graduate.

    I took the exam and the person who described it above was very accurate in the description. For me, the first 20 questions were math which is great and easy, no guessing involved. Other questions included were about insulin (regular and NPH how to extract it from the vial), quinidine sulfate, INH, anti tuberculosis therapy, morphine sulfate, and much more. The exam was not easy, you needed to have some knowledge of course but I would say about 2/3 of the exam is pretty straight forward. If anyone needs help, they can PM me and I have something that can assist them. I'm pretty sure I passed which I'm happy about but I'm not celebrating until I have a position offer.
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    I interviewed a few weeks ago and was offered a position on the spot. I think I was offered the position because even though I am a new grad, I am studying to be a pscyh NP. I heard they were hiring from a friend and was put in touch with the woman hiring directly. The woman interviewing me told me they were almost done hiring, so I was surprised to hear they had an open house. Sorry to be discouraging, but that's just what she told me.
    Good luck anyway.
    Also, about the exam, I also noticed that there were two different exams. I think I go the same exam as dannybear, but there is another one too.
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    Hi I don't have enough post to pm you, but I will appreciate it if you can email your tips at fast12it@yahoo. Com for am taking it next. Week. Thank you. So much.
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    Ok. Apparently I cannot reply to private message either. If you google "nursing pharmacology test questions", on the first page of the search, one of the links will have questions that will help you. Again, this is only for one of the exams so don't rely on just that because you may get the other. But these questions will help you out more than you expect (hint).
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    Hi, have you got your result
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    No, they said to call back on Wednesday for the results. I will post my results. I'm sure I did fine but I'm not sure if passing means you get a job.
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    Called Wednesday and was told they didn't get the results yet and to call on Friday. Called Friday and was told that I passed. Now the next step is the delicate balance of waiting/calling the right people plus some luck. Good luck to the rest.

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