Just Got accepted for Pre-Nursing at Hunter. I NEED HELP!!! - page 2

:yeah:Hi everyone, I just got accepted to Hunter College pre nursing program. I already have a Degree in something else, BUT HAVE NOT TAKEN ANY OF THE SCIENCE PRE -REQUISITE. Basicly, I have to take all the Biology,... Read More

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    I took some pre-med science courses at Hunter and it was extremely difficult. The professors aren't that great and they are really hard. Just be prepared before you go to every class and brush up on you study skills.

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    All Science Courses takes a lot of Focus. Preparation can be achieved by creating a plan of study. Make sure in anatomy and physiology you learn the 206 Bones, study all your major systems, go on line and start learning Medical Terminology cause that is going to be very important. Study the immune system the different types of viruses, bacteria etc.....Study the digestive system, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the integumentary system, the female reproductive system, male reproductive system, body directions and positions...........it is a lot but utilize your index cards everywhere you go.............

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