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  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I'm a recent LPN grad from Monroe College and having difficulty finding work. I applied at Montefiore and got called to take Pharm test and passed. Went to the interview and was told to wait in January for a callback. Next thing I know there's a rejection letter in the mail saying they'll keep my resume on file. I've applied to other places for work but it is extremely difficult and I'm asking for help.

    If anyone has any leads to job openings please let me know. I am eager to work and can only travel through public transportaion. Appreciate any assistance.
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    I am currently a student in Monroe's nursing program and I am afraid this will happen to me too. Have you found a job yet?
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    I would sign up with an agency. There are plenty of LPN jobs at the nursing homes. PM me if you like!
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    Any jobs for nurses with associate degrees?
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    I would try any and all nursing homes and outpatient clinics/offices. I don't know of any hospitals that are hiring LPN's anymore, they have been phased out years ago. I was an LPN before I was an RN and its been this way for a while.

    Good luck!