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Hello everyone,I am a new graduate and I will be taking my nclex soon. I live in NYC and I know that competition here is so strong. I am willing to relocate in New York State and I would really appreciate some help and input on... Read More

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    Just google CVPH and it will come up

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    Hi! - I am a new grad and have been having a really difficult time finding a job and would love to work at Winthrop hospital. I applied online but would love to get in touch with the recruiter directly. If anyone has the email for Winthrop University Hospital nurse recruitment, I would really appreciate it. I really think Winthrop is an amazing hospital and would love to work there. Any help getting in touch with nurse recruitment would be really really appreciated.
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    I know quite a few of those who I graduated with have gotten jobs in Syracuse. I live about an hour east of there and more of us, myself included, were hired right out of nursing school. So it can be done....just have to keep looking. Good luck!

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