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Failed Nursing. LPN or keep trying to get back into RN? - page 2

hello, i failed nursing in community college. as it is well known no other community college will take me back and private schools are not so egger either, since my gpa dropped. i posted a thread... Read More

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    dont waste your time w lpn, go staright into rn, otherwise you will be wasting alot of time. you will have so many more opportunities w rn ! there are alot of great programs
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    My suggestion would be to start over. I don't know what LPN programs wouldn't "care as much" about academics. The LPN school I graduated from required 4 semesters at 21 units a semester (9 of those were for clinicals) and a minimum passing grade of 80% in all areas and on all exams. We graduated with an associate of science in nursing. The days of attaining an LVN/PN after one or two semesters are gone forever. The LPN INCLEX is also no longer a walk in the park - if it ever was. So do yourself a favor and get your priorities straight, then do the absolute best you can do. Your future patients deserve only the best.
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    if you do decide to go for lpn, and i am not saying you should, then you should aslo look into the lpn to bsn program for later instead of lpn to rn to bsn.
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    get your lpn. do a bridge course or go online for your rn. thats what im doing good luck!
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    I'm in the same boat. I decided to do the RN online too.