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hello, i failed nursing in community college. as it is well known no other community college will take me back and private schools are not so egger either, since my gpa dropped. i posted a thread about my situation and got... Read More

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    Nursing is extremely competitive..esp. with the economy the way it is now. It is up to you if you want to continue to try again. However, I would reassess finances, budget, and time, if I were you. See what you are able to afford & whether or not it fits into your plans.

    Are you really passionate about Nursing? If so, this may help you dust yourself up and get back on your feet. If not, that's OK. Reevaluate what your passion is. Also, remember that there are SEVERAL degrees and professions that are noble and enable you to help others. It never hurts to look into those.

    Have you considered Social Work? Everyone that I know in SW has said it was VERY rewarding .

    PS. And yes!--CNA is a great option as well.

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    ?How bad is your g.p.a? You can fail nursing in most schools with a c-. Most schools will take you back. At my school you could fail and still be taking back in. You just have to start over again or audit courses you already took. I did mine at a university, not a cc. So really make sure no other school will take you. As long as your g.p.a. isn't totaled you should be allowed back into a RN program. Then if not get an LPN and bridge LPN to RN. Good luck. I've known people to fail more than one RN program, and still get into another.
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    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Despite my previous advice on this subject, one really is playing with fire by being less than honest when applying to any place of higher education.

    The world is very small now thanks to the Internet, and there are other ways besides transcripts to find out where or if someone attended college or whatever before.

    Financial aid is the first thought that comes to mind. One only gets a certain amount of NYS and Pell aid. If one applies as a rank freshman, and applies for aid, any previous awards will be subtracted, and you get what is left of your balance. Do not know if either the state or federal government gives full printouts to financial aid offices including previous awards, and the schools it went to, but surely someone might wonder why a new freshman cannot get full awards if entitled.

    Finally these days you really don't want to give anyone, be it an employer or school a vaild reason to discharge you for cause. Lying on an application can be one of those reasons, and it would really be horrible say three-quarters through a program, where one is doing very well to be called out and removed for not disclosing information as requested/required.
    I agree with DoGood on this one. Sure, you can take the chance, but you never know who you'll cross paths with. Students, as well as faculty, change schools. A couple of my colleagues have seen people from their old schools (who have failed out) apply and get admitted to our school. One that I recall, ended up failing out of our program (that makes 2 for her).

    Depending on the school and their policies, any falsification of inromation on the application (i.e., withholding previous studies) can invalidate your application.
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    dont waste your time w lpn, go staright into rn, otherwise you will be wasting alot of time. you will have so many more opportunities w rn ! there are alot of great programs
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    My suggestion would be to start over. I don't know what LPN programs wouldn't "care as much" about academics. The LPN school I graduated from required 4 semesters at 21 units a semester (9 of those were for clinicals) and a minimum passing grade of 80% in all areas and on all exams. We graduated with an associate of science in nursing. The days of attaining an LVN/PN after one or two semesters are gone forever. The LPN INCLEX is also no longer a walk in the park - if it ever was. So do yourself a favor and get your priorities straight, then do the absolute best you can do. Your future patients deserve only the best.
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    if you do decide to go for lpn, and i am not saying you should, then you should aslo look into the lpn to bsn program for later instead of lpn to rn to bsn.
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    get your lpn. do a bridge course or go online for your rn. thats what im doing good luck!
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    I'm in the same boat. I decided to do the RN online too.

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