Elmhurst HHC Interview process?

  1. Hi fellow nurses,

    I got my license last year, currently enrolled in BSN. No experience.

    After sending emails, I was lucky enough to be called for an interview.

    I was told that I would first take a med calculation dosage test, then interview with the nurse manager of the unit.

    For those who have gone through this,

    How is it med calculation test?
    Do they ask you any clinical questions ?

    Will keep you guys updated.
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  3. by   aikz
    Wow, good for you! Good luck with your interview if you didn't do it yet.

    Question: What's the email you sent to get an interview? I have almost 2 yrs experience in the hospital but no BSN but I'm currently enrolled. Should be done by January 2014.
  4. by   ladyash
    Hi Yakuza77,

    I'm not sure if you interviewed with Elmhurst yet but I am currently working at Metropolitan which is a part of HHC and I think the interview process should pretty much be the same.

    I started as a new grad about 3 years ago and the med calculation test is pretty straight forward. I think there may have been a few clinical questions. I first interviewed with the nurse recruiter where I took the written exam and she asked basic questions about why you got into nursing and about your different clinical experiences.

    I then was interviewed by the Head nurse of the unit where I will be working and with the ADN of the department. They reviewed my resume and asked questions based on that and then gave me a tour of the unit where I would be working.

    Hope this helps and good luck on your interview.
  5. by   dht183
    Hey- I have an interview with elmhurst, could you let me know what the med test was like and how the rest of the interview went? Are you working there now? Thanks!