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Hi everyone!I am applying to the fall 2012 nursing program at Dorothea Hopfer and have been searching for reviews,I haven't found much, so if any one has graduated from or is currently attending Dorothea Hopfer I'd love to hear... Read More

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    Quote from Mcflea
    I dropped my deposit off today. I was told this is the largest male class ever, 15 total. Previous years have been 2-3.

    Wow! I saw like 2 males the day I took my test. That's awesome though. Did you purchase your uniform already? && boy am I scared..I saw the reading that we have to do before the first class and its A LOT. I came from a community college and I don't recall ever reading this much before class even starts. lol There's quite a lot of books to purchase but definitely check out will get "like new" books for a GREAT deal. I feel like there's a lot to do so I'm just buying everything now so I wont be overwhelmed later.

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    Hi, I did order my uniform. They charge $55 for the package of top, patch, and name tag. You are charged extra for the pants because you have a choice of different styles/material.

    I have not seen the reading and/or book list. Was that sent to you separately? There is a lot to do before the program starts!
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    Wow.. I just looked at the reading list through Moodle.
    Very excited though!
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    Quote from Mcflea
    Wow.. I just looked at the reading list through Moodle. Very excited though!
    There's so much to do. I still don't have my CPR certification so I need to get that now. I'm excited also..I ordered most of the books so I can't wait to start the reading. Something that is weird to me is that on moodle it says there's only 15 participants for N1 2013..I'm surprised all the seats aren't reserved by now.
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    I just received my CPR card yesterday. It took about 3 weeks to get.
    It could be that only 15 people signed onto Moodle? I also ordered most of the books and a nurse kit that includes a stethoscope, pen light, ruler, and scissors. Just seemed easier to get a package. I am still taking developmental psych right now so, I have limited time for the reading.
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    How much did you pay for the package? I been looking into buying a stethoscope myself. I guess I need to get my cpr class done if it takes 3 weeks to get da cpr class
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    20 something plus shipping. Amazon has it.. search for Sprague nurse kit.
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    I just got accepted!!!!! I was wait listed an I received a phone call today saying that I go in!! God is so good to me! can't wait to meet you guys so we can all go on this journey together. We've all worked hard to get to this point. I'm shaking I'm so excited.

    I've read your posts and clearly I have a lot to do before I begin! but still enjoying this moment!!!
    Whoooooo hoooooo
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    OMG!!! I am in!!! So happy got the call from Hopfer today. What a relief!!! Ok am having a glass of wine...destress before the real stress. Still can't believe it.
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    Can't wait to get that package. But I did schedule the cpr class for this saturday and I have been reading fundamentals. Seems like a lot to do. Can anyone tell me if they got their financial aid already? Am not nervous just excited and relieved.

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