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Hi everyone!I am applying to the fall 2012 nursing program at Dorothea Hopfer and have been searching for reviews,I haven't found much, so if any one has graduated from or is currently attending... Read More

  1. by   friendlyelse
    Yes we were. Just got the packet. Going to be a rush getting things done but am enjoying the moment. Have my apt for physical next week and sending downpayment tommoro. I am so relieved. Congrats!!
  2. by   JohnNS831
    I just finished up NUR 1 and I can tell you it was a very fast paced course but also very manageable. The professors at the school are amazing and there are so many resources like open lab/tutoring to help you along the way. Pay attention in lecture, take good notes, read the textbook ahead of time, especially the key point boxes and take the practice exams.

    If you can pick up a copy of Davis's Fundamental Success.. A Course Review Applying Critical Thinking to Teat Taking. It's a great way to test yourself thru the semester, and it provides rationales for the correct answer. It's human nature to be nervous at first, and you may feel initially overwhelmed but trust me it all falls in to place and you realize that the orientation parts are really a refresher for things to come.

    Study and you will do fine, if you do not understand something, ask and there are plenty of great people at the school to help you. Work hard, you are in a great school and should be honored. Pay them back by working hard.

    I love the school
  3. by   Mcflea
    Thank you for that. I am eager to get started in January.
  4. by   sunshinexd21
    I'm so glad you posted that. I have been feeling very overwhelmed and scared to start. I been doing the reading but I can't remember everything so I'm very nervous. I'm glad they have open lab and tutoring because since I left my job for school I will be there all the time. @johnns831
  5. by   Mcflea
    Hi all,
    First day of orientation is over and I feel really good about the decision to attend Hopfer. I met Friendlyelse and daniellefatima on this board. Sunshine, did we meet? My name is Kevin.
  6. by   daniellefatima

    It was nice meeting you! and to everyone else who is reading this Can't wait to get to know each one of you along the two years we have together
    But I agree, I definitely know I made the right decision to attend Hopfer!
  7. by   Mcflea
    I'm finishing my first semester at Hopfer. I am thinking back to the first test and clinical and can't believe the amount of progress I have made and the skills learned. I think you will be hard pressed to find an evening program that is more convenient (2 nights per week + Saturday clinical). The school is NLN accredited and the most recent graduating class had a 100% NCLEX pass rate, which is directly correlated to the faculty's dedication. We have approx. 35 students in the class with roughly 1/3 being male. I work full time and it has been very manageable, but you need to create a routine. Many students (including myself) travel from Queens and pay the toll to attend the school. It's only 15 minutes north of the Whitestone Bridge. Clinicals are held at Sound Shore Hospital. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  8. by   Eljay1190
    For anyone considering applying to or attending Hopfer - all I can say is: DO IT! I was once in your shoes reading and there weren't many posts on Hopfer, so I was unsure. What ultimately made me choose Hopfer was the admissions staff were so friendly and helpful. Then I saw the nursing 2 professor speak at the open house and I was sold at her passion and enthusiasm. I took the chance by applying, got in and I am so happy I did. Hopfer is a great school with GREAT professors. Honestly, the professors in my opinion are what makes a school. The professors at Hopfer are always there to help whether about school or personal issues. They are dedicated to the students and love their jobs which can be seen through their teaching. I have learned so much this past year and couldn't be happier with my decision. I am in the day program, work PT - it is definitely hard, but don't let anyone scare you because if your heart is in it it is definitely manageable with hard work and dedication. Another great thing about Hopfer is that you are thrown into the clinical setting right away which is nervewracking at first, but allows you to become a much stronger nurse in the end. I can honestly say that Hopfer has made me become more professional, passionate and a more well-rounded student and individual.
  9. by   zoey88
    Congrats to everyone entering Hopfer. I am graduating this May and can only say the 2 years fly by. there is a ton of reading and it does get overwhelming at times, but dont get discouraged. The staff was always available and eager to do their best to help us through. Good Luck to everyone and welcome to Nursing!
  10. by   friendlyelse
    One semester down 3 to go! I am so happy I took the chance to apply. I work full time so the evening session is working out fine for me. I travel from Queens, so yes it can be done. It is very important not to fall behind on your reading, and try not to miss lab or clinicals. They take their paperwork seriously so just get it done. Although it can be stressful, I had a great 1st semester. Professors are very helpful. Nursing 1 Prof. is wonderful!! The Dean believe it or not is very helpful one on one especially with calculation and dosage. So far I must say it has been an overall great experience. If you are starting Nursing 1 take advantage of the open lab. It really helps a lot. I am looking forward to starting Nursing 2 BUT before I do, I am looking forward to having a SPECTACULAR summer!!
  11. by   MrsComboCurlz
    Wow, so glad to hear all the positive feedback from you guys. I'm blessed to say I made it into Hopfer for Jan 2014 Spring admission...and I'm sooo happy! Just curious to know, are thier any evening students that came in with ALL the general ed classes completed? Left ONLY with NUR classes to complete?
    What was your work load like and schedule, apose to having other courses to maintain outside of the NUR courses? I know your all busy, I appreciate it...
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  12. by   Jsanthony
    Congrats Mrscombocurlz, I was accepted for Spring 2014 as well and I'm super excited!! I'm missing microbiology, and I'm hoping to take it during the summer. How many prerequisites have you completed?
  13. by   MrsComboCurlz
    Quote from Jsanthony
    Congrats Mrscombocurlz, I was accepted for Spring 2014 as well and I'm super excited!! I'm missing microbiology, and I'm hoping to take it during the summer. How many prerequisites have you completed?
    Congratulations!!!!!!! I've finished ALL pre-reqs...I just have to complete NURS 1-4.