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Hi everyone!I am applying to the fall 2012 nursing program at Dorothea Hopfer and have been searching for reviews,I haven't found much, so if any one has graduated from or is currently attending... Read More

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    Hey Girls! I actually just saw my email today and I couldn't be any happier. I thought it was a mistake or something because I thought they wouldn't let us know by email but my mail only. Congratulations on your acceptance. I really can't wait for the package to come in the mail so it can be official. See you guys in January! Congrats girlsss. I know I'm ecstatic right now & I'm sure you guys are too.

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    hi everyone, congrats to all those that were accepted to hopfer. I just saw my email and was also accepted. Starting jan 2013. so excited!!!!
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    Congrats ladies!! Can't wait to meet you all!
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    I'm really looking forward meeting you guys...@daniellefatima I think we took the test in the same room. You look very familiar
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    Lol do you remember the girl that asked "So how many are we competing against?" That was me lol.
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    I seem to be the only male posting here. I wonder how many they accepted.
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    I only saw 2 guys when I took my test bu,t we were split into two groups so I don't know how many were in the other. From what my group was told, there's only spot for about 36-40.
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    I was waitlisted =( Congrats to everyone who got in and hopefully I can join you. Crossing my fingers.
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    I heard from Hopfer. Got wait listed. So disappointed. They still ask to do fafsa by Nov 15th and set up physical apt. Also gave dates for orientation. What's the point?
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    Congrats to all! Trying to figure out my options. BMCC or I may just do the lpn if Hopfer does not call. Any ideas? Would be grateful for any input

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