Cuny RN-BSN ??? Desperately in need of a response

  1. 0 Has anyone completed (or in the process of completing) a cuny RN-BSN program? What has been your experience? How long did it take you the program as a full time student? What were the pros and Cons? Did you have to attend clinicals? How many students were in your class? Did it interfere with your work schedule? How many classes were you allowed to take per semester? Did your credits transfer easily from your AAS program? Did you have to retake any nursing classes? I have searched the site and haven't received the answers I am looking for.

    I am leaning towards NY City Tech, College of Staten Island or York College. As a working nurse I need a program that is flexible, perferably one to two nights a week of school, full time. Any information is appreciated. I need to make a descision by wednesday, I'm going for direct admission. Thank You all in advance..:heartbeat
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    c'mon, somebody! anyyybodyyy?
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    I am in my first semester of an Rn to BSN at Lehman, I got my AAS Rn from Bronx Community College, I find Lehmans nursing department very flexible, most of the classes are online, I believe there is only one class that requires clinicals, if you took your AAS at a CUNY school you should have no problem transferring your credits, if your degree is from another school you may have to take some tests for competency, however I think you will be fine, each school works differently but I am sure an RN to BSN at any of the CUNY schools will be pretty much the same, good luck
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    Thank you for your response. It seems that many RN-BSN programs are online, that's great! If you don't mind me asking, how long will it take you to graduate from this program?
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    well i came in with 60 credits, most senior cuny schools only give you 60 credits, and the nursing section is 37.5 credits, so i need another 22.5 credits, any way full time would take 2 years, I intend to take winter and summer intersession classes so hope to finish dec of 2011, it's tough but do able.
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    Anymore responses? It would be appreciated.

    I went to nyc tech today, I couldn't believe there is a waiting list..smh What's up with that?? ugh!
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    Quote from grateful2010
    Anymore responses? It would be appreciated.

    I went to nyc tech today, I couldn't believe there is a waiting list..smh What's up with that?? ugh!
    Many unemployed/under employed ADN and diploma grads + NYC hospitals pushing for "BSN only" applicants ='s mad rush for seats.

    There has been a rash of NYC hospital closings this past two years, with several within just this year. There are lots of experienced RNs out there looking for work either at hospitals or to make themselves qualified for other than bedside care.

    Also if one has student loans, going back to school will put them into deferment.

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