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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else on here applied for the 2013 Hunter generic nursing program. For those of you applying to the traditional generic program how do you feel about the seats... Read More

  1. by   bemal
    Hi ebinbrooklyn

    I'm not sure, I would think that you need to take a class.
    Why don't you email nursing advisor from hunter,
    She is great, anytime I have a question she responds right away
  2. by   ebinbrooklyn
    I think she must like you more than me--I'm lucky to get replies a week after sending an email
  3. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Quote from ebinbrooklyn
    Okay, so stupid question for you folks here: I am literally out of classes to take at Hunter. I've got all my prerequisites done, all my generals done, I literally have nothing BUT the nursing parts done in order to get a degree. So I'm considering not taking classes this semester--would that mean I can't apply for 2013? Do you have to be a student at the time of application? I don't want to spend a grand on a class I don't need/want just to keep enrollment status there--trying to figure out how to handle this?
    You are already a matriculated student of Hunter College, and Hunter-Bellevue's website listing details says nothing about being being registered the semester you are applying other than for those taking courses they wish considered in the Spring semester prior to Fall admission.

    If you have truly literally taken all the pre-nursing, gen ed, core, etc.. classes why not apply for either the last of the former generic which starts Fall 2013 or the "new" program which starts the same time?

    All that can happen is you will either be admitted or rejected, no one is going to drag you out onto Lexington or Second Avenue and tie you to a lamp post or something. *LOL* Your GPA is what is is at this point for both pre-nursing and overall, so perhaps the only reason for dithering is to retake the NLN for a *better* score.

    You are not alone. Many, many pre-nursing students have been left cooling their jets haven taken all there is to offer at Hunter except being admitted to the nursing program so they can complete that part of the degree. Some apply again and again until they get in, others move on to nursing programs elsewhere.

    Seek out academic advisement from the nursing department. You never know, maybe so many are applying to the new program that the odds are better for the last class of the old, or vice versa.
  4. by   nyc_girl
    I am also applying to Hunter Nursing for Fall 2013. Can anybody help me to clarify the question - do we need to send domestic transcript to the CUNY/UAPC and if yes, is there any application we need to fill up with it ( i mean to the admission office)? Or we just have 1 application on Nursing CASThanks in advance
  5. by   rksgh
    how long was your career goal statement?
  6. by   fpnyc
    Hi everyone I'm also applying to the generic pathway. Would any of you mind posting your gpa and nln scores? I'm sure we're all curious to know where we stand
  7. by   Lebron123
    Hey fpnyc. GPA-3.6. NLN-taking it on February 1. How about you?
  8. by   fpnyc
    good luck on the nln! I have a 3.9 and got a 152 on the test
  9. by   Lebron123
    Fpnyc, you should get in for sure! How did you do so well on the NLN? What books did you use? How did you study for the vocabulary part? Did the science questions in the actual exam reflect the study guide(red book)?
  10. by   fpnyc
    I hope so! I'm still so nervous since they cut it down to 50 I feel like everyone that gets in will have a 4.0 and 160.. :/ but I used the red book to study for about a month. The vocab was hardest for me I feel like with that section you either know it or you don't. For the science most of it was very straightforward but there were wayyyy more physics questions than I anticipated so definitely study that. For the math I felt the questions in the book were a lot easier than on the test and you have to be very quick.. I ran out of time on that part and math is my best subject. But you'll do fine! I walked out of there thinking I did horrible but it turned out alright lol
  11. by   olgar1977
    Hi guys. Did anyone apply for the New Program? I just took NLN and did not do too well -130. My GPA is about 4.0. My cumulative GPA has not been computed yet.... I applied for the New Program and hope to get in, even though I will have to be at Hunter for 1 extra year :-)
  12. by   pandora22
    I have a 3.8 gpa and got a 140 on the NLN, what do you guys think my chances of getting in are? I don't feel confident .
  13. by   eca2493
    pandora- i wouldn't be too discouraged. The gpas and nln scores are always high for hunter but i have seen people post that they have gotten in with 3.4s. So a 140 doesn't disqualify you automatically especially with such a good gpa.

    I am applying to the accelerated program but am worried as well. I am taking the nln at the end of the month and right now am just doing practice questions all the time and then reviewing questions i get wrong. Does anyone have any other study tips? I already read/studied all the beginning sections in the red book. Thanks!