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    Hi All,

    I just sent off my application for Accelerated Nursing program at Concordia College for the fall of 2013. I'm really excited and nervous. I saw the thread for the fall 2012 was quite active and a few would-be 2013 students had posted to that one so I thought I should start a new one.

    Anyway, I would LOVE to hear from any posters on the 2012 thread about how their experience has been going,anyone who is finished with the program, and anyone who is applying like me!

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    Hi Rachwabb,I also just sent in my application for 2013. I'm definitely feeling anxious as to when we will hear something. I'm hoping that since it is rolling admissions we will hear back in the next month or so. Did you apply anywhere else?
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    So far no. Concordia is my first choice and what makes the most sense for me location, tuition, prerequisite requirement wise.
    I hope to hear back soon. Do you have all your prereqs done? I'm still finishing up mine.
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    I am finishing A&P II in December and then taking micro in the Spring. So close but yet so far... this year is passing so slowly, lol. Is your application complete? I got a letter the other day that one transcript was missing.
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    Moved to the New York State Nursing Programs forum.
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    I'm probably going to apply to Concordia as well--got turned down by Hunter and Stoneybrook this spring (my undergrad GPA is a 3.5 but my post bacc GPA is only a 3.2 because I work full time and go to school and volunteer). I'm a little scarred by the two previous rejections--I did all my prerequisites at Hunter, so getting turned down after spending YEARS there putting in the work hurt pretty badly. What kind of GPA is common for Concordia? I have all the prereqs done and then some - organic, nutrition, etc... - even though I doubt the extra work will give me a leg up.
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    Ebinbrooklyn: Sorry to hear you were denied at Hunter. But you have all the courses done, so not much to lose in applying (except for the $50 application fee).
    Concordia's aBSN begins every Fall, so I recommend looking at the Fall 2012 thread to find the stats of people who were
    accepted for this year. The website says they require a 3.2 undergrad GPA, and you're well above that. I have slightly less than a 3.2 (from a tough school), but since then I've earned all As in pre-reqs. An admissions representative said that I would be considered a competitive applicant despite my low undergrad GPA. They seem to take a holistic look at applicants. I can't speak for them, but I doubt they'd count a low grade in Organic Chem (for example) against you, since they do not require that course.
    Good luck!!
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    Does anyone know how tough they are about the 'classes within 5 years' thing? I took my A&P1 in 2006, worrying they'll knock me out because of that (even tho my NLN/TEAS scores are really good and I know my A&P).
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    Have you emailed the admissions office? They have been really helpful answering my questions so far.
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    For whoever has applied already, anyone heard back yet regarding interview scheduling? I thought some of the interviews would be in January, so I'm curious if anyone has heard anything yet!

    Good luck!