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Hey guys! Has anyone else been recently accepted into the nursing program?... Read More

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    Lenabeth, that was well put. I have the sneakiest suspicion that dr. martin is the same person as gerim.
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    I said the same exact thing malenurse2012. It must be a bitter student who was kicked out of the program or something.

    On another note, we will get through it guys!
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    We already have a great support network going here.!
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    I'm still waiting for my letter. I've checked the mail daily for the past 3 weeks and still nothing. How long did it take from the interview process to receive a letter?
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    I got my letter 2 days after my interview. Maybe you can call and ask when you can expect yours?
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    Hehe Not I am not "gerim". I just wanted to share my opinions and experience of a boyfriend, who had to listen to her girlfriend about how her school was and how for from good it was. And again I would like to underline that: my girlfriend was a really good student, she was in the "top five" when graduating. Now she works for Montefiore, and really doesn't care about recent, future students of Concordia College anymore. But, when she was studying, and I was listening to here about all these stories, I told her that one day once she finishes, I will spread the word about it. So I am doing. You may not believe me now, but let me tell you this. Please save this webpage to "favorites" come back here, about a year from now, and then write some comments

    Study hard, yeah it's "only" 15 months, you can def make it. Try to make as many connections as possible, especially during the time you will be working in the hospitals, that may benefit for the future.

    Good luck, and see you around Aril 2013 !
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    Guys, personal attacks will not be tolerated. Everyone is allowed their own opinions
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    Well dr. martin, if I may add a different point of view.. my best graduated from the program in dec. 2011, she was hired by WP hospital recently and absolutely loved Concordia. She said it was of course challenging and I did not see a lot of her during those 15 months but she was so happy she chose that program. She had a great support system from her classmates and she genuinely liked the teachers. And at the end of it all, she is now a working nurse, which is the ultimate goal here for everyone. We were all selected because in our interview and from our class grades we have displayed our ability to handle the stress and challenge that we will face in the next year 1/2. Not everyone can handle it, but that's why there are many non-accelerated programs to choose from. As for the class of 2013, I think we will do great and will come out of the program stronger and well prepared.
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    Silverdragon102, I do not believe anyone has attacked anyone else on this board. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Quote from lenabeth
    Silverdragon102, I do not believe anyone has attacked anyone else on this board. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    The post was deleted and the reason to my post was a reminder

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