College of New Rochelle Nursing Applicants - page 7

Hello, I applied to CNR for the Fall 2011 as a transfer student. According to the website, the deadline is May 21 but when do you find out if you are accepted? After you apply, you really don't... Read More

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    Hey guys! I just came across this thread and was wondering how u guys are doing at CNR right now? I want to trasnfer in this fall, i currently go to hunter college. I finished all my pre-reqs except 3 which im planning on doing this summer. SO after im finished with these i can start this fall right? I think i can but just wanted to make sure with u guys!

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    Pushing this thread back up to the top--anyone doing accelerated BSN at CNR? How do you like it? Do you need a car for the program? Would love any info anyone can offer--thanks!

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