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Hello, I applied to CNR for the Fall 2011 as a transfer student. According to the website, the deadline is May 21 but when do you find out if you are accepted? After you apply, you really don't hear anything from them again. ... Read More

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    Hey guys! I just came across this thread and was wondering how u guys are doing at CNR right now? I want to trasnfer in this fall, i currently go to hunter college. I finished all my pre-reqs except 3 which im planning on doing this summer. SO after im finished with these i can start this fall right? I think i can but just wanted to make sure with u guys!

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    Pushing this thread back up to the top--anyone doing accelerated BSN at CNR? How do you like it? Do you need a car for the program? Would love any info anyone can offer--thanks!

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