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i got the call yesterday, i have been accepted into the fall evening program at cochran school of nursing! :lol2: i'm so excited and have so much to prepare for. they said they will be sending out... Read More

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    I got a littman steth and can't rmember who made the sphyg I ordered. I didn't know that they would provide those things. Also, did you buy your uniforms and lab coat yet?
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    Hello everyone i am a high school senior as of this september. I really aim toward getting into an associates nursing program directly.

    I was wondering if cochran school of nursing (in yonkers) is a direct acceptance from high school program. Or do i need pre-requisites for it? It seems i am confused on the whole application process, whether if it is direct or not.

    It also doesn't mention SAT/ACT or SAT II scores as pre-reqs. Do i really need them for this program?

    If anyone knows any direct admission associate programs in westcheter please mention them; any related info please post; post as much info as possible; thanks!!!!
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    Hello everyone i am a high school senior as of this september. I need answers asap! My applications are due in Dec and Jan.

    Ok is this a direct admission program from high school? If so what are the requirements, they seem to be not specific on the website.

    Also are there other direct admission associate programs in westchester? Thanks !
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    Westchester Community College and Cochran are both institutions that require college level pre-requisites to attend. You need classes like AnP I & II, Chemistry, Microbiology, Nutrition, and other general education courses. If you're looking to get into a direct program, a four year program would be your best shot. I believe my friend is attending College of New Rochelle and that's a direct 4 year program to get a BSN.
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    I'm attending the Fall 2013 session and they supply you with a scope and some other supplies. They specifically said they're suppying a scope. Whether or not it's good is up to you, but that's the only thing they specified.
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