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Hi all, I just submitted my application to Binghamton for the BAT program for next fall. Didn't see a discussion board yet so figured I would start one. Any other applicants out there?... Read More

  1. by   Uguza
    Anyone know of any good, free (or cheap), online A&P resources for reviewing all that A&P I studied almost 15 years ago? When I talked to the person from the DSON before applying, she said I need to know that stuff cold...and it's been a looong time... Thanks!
  2. by   TaraMarie
    Twin River Commons looks amazingg!
  3. by   KyleSullivan
    Hey i just found this conversation trying to see if a group was made yet. I got my acceptance letter last week
  4. by   TaraMarie
  5. by   Ruminnie88
    Congrats on people who got into the BAT!! I haven't heard back from the school yet..... who else?? I have been checking up with the school but all they say is your profile is complete and under review....I am really getting a little bit
  6. by   Bear0512
    I haven't heard anything yet, either! But I applied right at the deadline and I know they look at the apps on a rolling basis. I have Feb. 15 as the date we're supposed to hear back in my head, but I'm not sure if I made that up or not Does anyone have any idea? It's nice to know I'm not the only one who hasn't heard back
  7. by   Ruminnie88

    applied in October 2012, and I feel like I have applied pretty early already... but still haven't heard back anything yet...I have called the admissions office yesterday and the guy told me that it is guaranteed that we will be hearing back by Feb 15th. There might be a 1-2 days delay due to the traffic...but everybody should be hearing back on that day and they will let you know if you are wait-listed, denied or accepted. I am not sure if we could hear back exactly on that day, cuz I have heard that some students from last year didn't hear back until March or even I am still very upset about it...hope we can get in!!
  8. by   Uguza
    I got an email from BU today with a link to the facebook group they made for this incoming BAT class. It said that anyone receiving the email got accepted on the first round, and that they'd continue accepting students from here on out from the waitlist as people decline their offers. I would definitely check my spam/junk mail box if I were you - all BU emails were going straight there for me, for some reason. I'm sure there will be lots more students accepted as they hear back from people who turn them down - hang in there!
  9. by   Ruminnie88
    Anybody hearing anything yet?
  10. by   VroomVroom
    Hi Ruminnie88 - I've been getting a bit antsy about it as well so I sent them an email earlier this week. They said the admissions team has completed the first round of acceptances and now they're in the process of creating a wait list. There's still hope! Hang in there!

    Anyone else still waiting to hear back?
  11. by   Ruminnie88
    Hi VroomVroom! Thanks for the reply! So are they going to send out the first round of acceptances tomorrow? Because I have heard different things from the admissions office.. I called up last week and the guy told me that it is guaranteed we will be hearing back by 2/15, but then I sent them an email confirming this message, the lady there then told me a different story..she said it is not guaranteed and you could be informed anytime between 2/15 - 4/1...I am really confused, and unfortunately they won't let you know anything over the phone...I have tried and failed~ lol

    When did you apply? Have you also applied to other schools? Do you know how many students they accept for the accelerated program? I really hope we can hear back soon!
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  12. by   VroomVroom
    This is my interpretation: I think they've picked all the applicants they want as a "first choice" and now they're deciding who to contact in the event their first choices refuse the admissions offer.

    I believe they have a rolling admissions policy, so they'll probably get in touch with people based on that list, which also should take into account when you submitted your application. I was very last minute (sent in my supplemental info the day before the deadline), so I'm guessing I could be at the bottom of the barrel. Lol. I suppose I should look at plan B just in case!

    And I'm not sure how many students they accept, but the number 90 comes to mind based on some searches I've done.

    Let's hope for the best! I'd love to do my nursing back in Bing!
  13. by   Ruminnie88
    I see and yea they do have a rolling policy, but it is still so frustrating and I don't know how long I should be waiting for this... It's 2/15 already and still haven't heard anything yet. It really drives me crazy. Lol I mean if we all applied before or by the priority deadline 11/15/12, we should be hearing back today on 2/15! That's what it says online.. Now they break their promise and I really don't know when to

    I have all my materials submitted by 10/25/12. I have also applied to the accelerated program at NYU, which starts in fall 2013. But I really hope I can get into the Bing one because it starts earlier and of course a lot cheaper and also a lot of people say, better than NYU.

    Do they have a specific time when they will be sending out decisions??...say after 5:00pm EST. or something like that?..

    I think you will be fine since you went to school there already! and I think they will be more than happy to have you back! There are still hopes!! ^^