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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone was applying to Beth Israel this fall or next Jan? Has anyone had an interview yet? I have an interview with them next Thursday and was wondering if someone... Read More

  1. by   JBerkel
    Im so excited!! i finally got an interview on Monday morning. Did anyone interview with *******? how was she? is she nice?
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  2. by   rnjt86
    Did they call you or did they email you for the interview?
  3. by   k8aline
    For me I called them (***** was who I spoke to) to inquire about my application and she told me she was missing the NLN exam results. That is the strongest part of my application so was relieved she asked if I could fax the results sheet to her. I did and got an email the next day about an interview. So DEFINATELY recommend calling. I think mine was messed up because I took the exam under my maiden name and everything else is hyphenated with the new name.
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  4. by   k8aline
    JBerkel I also am meeting ******* but not til Tues, so eager to hear if anyone has input to your inquiry.
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  5. by   JBerkel
    k8aline I got an email from ****, and yes i agree with you 100% if you havent heard from the school, call or email maria about the staus of your application. Im excited and nervous about the interview but im sure it will be fine. I will let you know how it went.

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  6. by   rnjt86
    Thank everyone. I called her and they didn't get my new score for the exam so she asked me to fax it. I asked her for my application status and she said it was under review. It has been already 3 weeks no call or email. Im so nervous. I pray i get a call for an interview. I wanna email her but i don't wanna get on there bad said either. What do you think or should i wait it out. Do you know anyone that got an interview who got a score of 119? I know it pretty horrible but i really hope i get an interview
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  7. by   JBerkel
    Had my interview today. They were super nice. Shte made me feel very comfortable. She asked my greatest accomplishment,what were my greatest challenges, how would I describe what nursing is to someone that only had the image of nurse Jackie or ER. They will definitely ask questions related to your essay. Overall it was more her telling me about the program and what to expect.
  8. by   rnjt86
    Did they say how many people applied and how many they will be accepting ?
  9. by   JBerkel
    Rnjt86 no she did not. She did say that the committee will be meeting again in 2 weeks. I think you should call or email **. Again.
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  10. by   wifeofnursetobe
    My husband has applied, has his interview Thrusday, I think 800 apllied only accepting 160
  11. by   Laleo
    I just got my acceptance letter via email for Beth Israel!!...woohoo!!It says I have to email my deposit in 2 weeks but I haven't heard back from Dorothea which is my first choice. Does anyone know If Dorothea started making decisions as of yet?
  12. by   rnjt86
    JBerkel I already did and she said my application is under review
  13. by   k8aline
    I had my interview on Tuesday. They said there are only two people who conduct interviews and they are only half way through the applicant pool. Over 1,000 people applied and they have 130 spots I believe she said. She also said they are asking some other staff members to start interviewing for them to speed the process along. The board meets every two weeks on most recent interviews. I would not be nervous about the interview as JBerkel said she makes you very comfortable and does a lot to help guide the conversation. I got a tour and a really great facility. I'm pretty pumped.