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Hey I am on the list for the October 2012 classes for Erie 1 BOCES LPN program. Im kinda still trying to figure things out to see if I can definitely do it. Just wanted to see if maybe any of my future classmates were on here?... Read More

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    I am currently signed up for October Days at Southtows Academy wish they hadt at Potter during day like they use to. Im just not sure what Im doing about my job and I need to have it figured out somehow very soon! Maybe Ill start looking over a&p and maybe some med term review? Is there anything in particular in anatomy they will start with probably? Concentrate the most on?
    Hi cmm4ever. I am in PN2 nights. Ive gone to ECMC and Buffalo General for clinicals. In PN1 for the anatomy and physiology they go over each system one by one, so brush up on basics. I found the muscular system and skeletal to be the two hardest mainly because of all the memorization of the bone/muscle names and functions. Also re-familiarize yurself with infection control because patient safety and asepsis are a big part part of the lab portion of PN1 where you learn your basic clinical skills. Good luck its a great program!

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    Hi, I am on the October list for Erie 1 BOCES LPN program. Orientation is September 10th. Can anyone tell me what to expect the first few weeks? How far into the program do you start clinicals and how far in advance do you know where you are going? Also I kinda dont want to wait until orientation to find out, so what kind of supplies will I need (like notebooks, binders etc..)? I hear its like everything all in one class. Like at my old college I had seperate notebooks etc for each subject. Anything else I should know? Thanks!
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    Hi cmm4ever! Ill be starting in October days in Hamburg also Do you currently work in the health care field at all?
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    Hi! Thats cool someone who will be starting with me. Long story but I have an A.A.S. in Medical Assisting from Trocaire (graduated from there in Dec. 2010). I wasnt happy with the lack of hands on training. I was at Trocaire for a few years. I started working in the hospital May 2011. I never really worked as a Medical Assistant exactly but I got my foot in the door and have been there since last May part time days. I was a nursing assistant for a few months May 11-July 11 (including training time) but I bid on a higher paying unit clerk position. I was a unit clerk from July 2011-June 2012. I got bumped out of my position, because they were changing the unit clerk hours in the hospital. So it was either layoff or the pharm tech position they offered me. Im kinda wishing I did take the layoff but I didnt. Now Im in pharmacy finishing up training (and of course when schools coming up etc has me there alot now grrr). I dont know if its going to work out because they are making me go per diem and I dont know if the schedulings going to work out. Its scary because everythings coming up! I didnt want to have to quit but I really dont know how it is going to go. I though they woulda been more willing to work with me. Nooone really even explained anything to me or I get different stories. Anyways do you have any healthcare experience? Im just hoping everything works out because I havent had the best luck. I just want to have a good full time job already! Maybe we will see eachother at orientation?
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    Hey can you private message me your email? It won't let me respond to you on here
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    Hey can you private message me your email? It won't let me respond to you on here
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    Hey can you private message me your email? It won't let me respond to you on here
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    I would just start from the beginning of the book or skim over areas that are more difficult areas for you. All teachers are different, they just might skip around. Anything you can review will come in handy later.
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    Hey can you private message me your email? It won't let me respond to you on here
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