SFCC or CNM?Accepted at both where do I go?

  1. Hi all, I just got excepted to both SFCC and CNM's nursing programs. I got accepted to SFCC on my first attempt, and second attempt at CNM. I was wondering if anyone had any input or information on either program to make this decision easier.

    Future Male Nurse here :-)
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  3. by   whitescrubs2012
    Hi Future Male Nurse,

    Congratulations-- and good question! What an exciting time for you.

    I'm a future lady nurse who was faced with the very same dilemma not too long ago. Ultimately, I decided to go to CNM, and I'm satisfied with my choice. Here's the inside scoop: I've heard nothing but *excellent* word of mouth/reports about SFCC. My limited experience w/ program administrators was 100% positive; they were prompt, efficient, and polite. I dig the campus and the resources. I have a friend who graduated from SFCC and was offered a job immediately after graduation. All of that said, I chose CNM and am exceedingly glad that I did. The two main reasons why: 1) financial -- my in-district tuition is @$300/semester, and 2) many of the people in my class/program are UH-mAAAzing. Through my pre-nursing and nursing courses, I've made great friends with smart, caring, kind, funny, people. They are the true treasure of this experience! I'm a second (third/fourth?!)-career person in her 30's. I have a grad degree in another subject. A considerable group of my peers is on the same page; they're trying something new. So, I feel like I'm in good company. If that's your circumstance, too, it might be something to think about. Not sure what the sitch is at SFCC, but CNM hosts a diverse crowd--which is fantastic. Also, I've lived in Burque for many years, so a move to SFe would have entailed uprooting my life. I'm really glad that I decided to stay in town. Nursing school is a huge change in and of itself! The program at CNM is less than optimal, but totally manageable. If you want to message me, I'm happy to give more details. One more thing to consider: If you were to attend CNM, you'd experience clinicals at a variety of major hospitals (UNM, Pres, VA, etc.), vs. SFe, which has St. Vincent's and not much else... (unless the school has you commuting to El Burque?). So, in sum, if moving to SFe means uprooting your life, I'd think twice! Both are associates programs, as you well know, so I'd do what's most convenient/most appealing to you at this point. I welcome any questions you have. Best of luck!
  4. by   DawnJ
    They are both great schools.

    CNM may be the better choice because it is in the population center of the state where you are going to find lower rents than in the state capitol/tourism center of Santa Fe.

    Also, the downtown CNM campus where the nursing school is, is right next to the UNM campus. So you have the cool university vibe there along with all the (cheaper) related services and businesses geared toward students. You can rent (or easily find a roommate) within walking distance of school.

    There is a larger diversity of medical centers in Abq to get your clinical experience in than there is in Santa Fe.

    You don't mention where you live now, but if you will be flying, the major airport is in Abq.

    Weather-wise, Albuquerque is more temperate than Sante Fe which is at a much higher elevation and has more snow.

    You won't go wrong with either choice, but I think that CNM offers more because of the larger community
  5. by   corizrf
    Thank you both for commenting on my topic. I know I didn't give a whole lot of information. I currently live in Rio Rancho (North near Beranalillo), and as far as commute I was thinking of riding the train. Well after a few weeks of long hard consideration I decided to go to SFCC. Orinally when I first applied to SFCC I told myself, if I get into CNM, CNM is my first choice, but after really researching SFCC I found that the schedule up there worked best for my and hopefully (fingers crossed) allows me to continue to work full time at my current job. I am an EMT-Intermediate and work 48 hours per week. I have worked out my work schedule with my boss and I will work Friday and Saturday. The schedule at SFCC is M-Thurs. Where as CNM's I think is Tues-Friday? Is that right? One of the most appealing aspects of my decision was the summers off at SFCC. I have a four year old son, and he has been in pre-K school for the last two years with summers off. I think I would benefit from the break and I would stay sane (hopefully) not having to push through 4 straight semesters of nursing school.

    As far as clinicals I would prefer an Albuquerque or Rio hospita but, I am fine with St. Vincent's. I am very familiar with the hospital because 70% of the PT's I transport to to that ER.

    Do you think I made the right choice? Do you think I will be able to still work full time? Any advice on what I can be doing right now?

    Sorry I couldn't PM whitescrubs, but I don't meet the site criteria as far as thread participation.

    Thanks again.
  6. by   Donoharm
    Quote from corizrf
    Hi all, I just got excepted to both SFCC and CNM's nursing programs. I got accepted to SFCC on my first attempt, and second attempt at CNM. I was wondering if anyone had any input or information on either program to make this decision easier.

    Future Male Nurse here :-)
    Congrats. Great information as I will be applying for the SFCC and CNM myself for an excelerated program. Do you know what the avg TEAS scores were as I still need to take this. Thanks to all that posted about SFCC and CNM.
  7. by   corizrf
    Good luck with both your applications. The average TEAS score I believe is about a 70. I scored a 72, and a buddy of mine ( who also got in with about a 3.4 GPA) scored a 70
  8. by   Donoharm
    Thanks corizrf for the information. I have a 3.7 in sciences and a 3.7 GPA along with a BS degree and an LVN lisc. (Hesi-90 for CNM prior to taking algebra would have a mucho better score now)

    I will be taking the TEAS this Friday (Jan 11). I have taken a practice did ok but I was not impressed. So I have been studying for several months now. Will take another practice test tomorrow and then off to the test Friday.

    Did you take a practice before the real deal? Was the practice score a close indicator of how you did on the real test?
  9. by   corizrf
    No I didn't take the practice test (TEAS) just kinda swung for the fences and passed. How did you do? I start @ SFCC on the 22nd... Anymore questions send them my way.
  10. by   Donoharm
    Does CNM have a SIM hospital? How are labs handled? What is the teacher student ratio in class and clinical settings. Do you use any of UNM facilities?
  11. by   whitescrubs2012
    CNM has a sophisticated SIM lab -- although, in my experience, it's not often used. The semester begins w/ some on-campus labs, but most of your time is spent doing the real thing: you're in the hospital, working with real patients, shadowing real nurses. In clinical, 8 students:instructor, max; in a class setting, it depends on the size of your class as a whole. My class is relatively small, so there are only @ 20-30 of us in a lecture. We don't use UNM facilities, but I will say that CNM's SIM lab (inc med room) is BRAND new, as is their nursing building. It's probably more up-to-date than UNM's facilities.
  12. by   whitescrubs2012
    ...in a nutshell, if you don't want to spend an extravagant amount of money and you have a high tolerance for disorganization/can roll w/ the punches, CNM is the way to go. I don't regret it.
  13. by   Donoharm
    Hey Thanks whitescrubs2012 for the information. Great to know. I wonder why the SIM isn't used; maybe no instructor or time? I so appreciate this information.
  14. by   Donoharm
    Disorganization can you give me some examples? I am pretty good at rolling with the punches and I bet classmate support helps too. Glad to hear you don't have any regrets. Do you feel like you got what you needed to pass the NCLEX or have you already passed?