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Could anyone give me an idea of the community reputation of the nursing programs at these two schools? Any graduates of these programs? Many thanks to any who respond ....... Read More

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    I also have been accepted and am not sure if I want to accept. If you google search you will find that they almost lost their approval from the state's nursing board a few years back because of they had horrible board pass rates. I wonder how many of those nursing instructors are still teaching there. Sketchy.

    I also get a general feeling of disorganization when I interact with staff from NMSU. Maybe that should have been my first warning sign.

    I think I'm going to hold out for a program that's better.

    Anyone else have any other opinions?

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    You were accepted into a program for Spring 09' correct? From your post I am assuming you have your Bachelors in another area, correct? I had no idea they almost lost their license a few years ago. Thanks for the information. I don't want to be on a waiting list any longer. I have been on one for a little over a year. I am in another state, so I have had no interaction with the staffing.
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    Yes, Spring. I do have a previous BS degree. I'll be choosing a more professional school to attend.

    I know there are some NMSU faculty / instructors on here. I'd love to hear them defend their school a bit. A different perspective is always nice. Maybe they just don't have anything positive to say.

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    I graduated from NMSU-Alamogordo branch and it wasn't too bad. The teachers there are pretty good and they've got their system down pretty well. Also it is a lot smaller than the nursing classes in Las Cruces- my class graduated with 12!
    I've also heard the NMSU/DACC programs are very disorganized and everything that other people have said about it. That is very unfortunate. I would recommend the program at the Alamogordo branch, if you can get in.
    I have noticed that some of the hospitals here in Las Cruces are pretty disorganized too. I'm really not too impressed. I feel like no one ever seems to know what's going on and you really can't get a lot of help from people. They are great people, just not great professionals.
    To anyone not stuck down here, I would recommend NOT coming to Southern NM. If you really want to be in NM, go to Albuquerque. I'm not sure how things are up there but it can't be any worse than it is here. Sorry to disappoint and good luck to everyone.
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    I graduated from the NMSU BSN Program 2 years ago and felt that the program was great. Don't think that much has changed since then, other than i think the class sizes may be getting bigger. All of the instructors were good and clinically competent. I feel that most nursing programs are pretty much the same... YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT IN. Ask any nurse practicing today about nursing school and they will tell you the same thing. Everyone hates writing the never-ending care plans and trying to cram a lot of material in a short period of time, which is what a good portion of nursing school is all about. Pay attention during all clinicals, because this is what helps you when you actually start working! Paying attention in the classroom will help you pass your boards!

    The way the exams are written is ultimately going to help you pass the NCLEX. NOBODY REALIZES THIS AT FIRST! But when it's time to sit for the NCLEX exam, you'll be glad that you've seen that type of multiple choice question before in nursing school.

    So, for those of you that dislike the program for whatever reason.... SUCK IT UP and do the work. Nursing school isn't easy anywhere you go. I think the pass rate was a little better than 90% or something like that for my graduating class taking their NCLEX on the 1st time. I've worked with plenty of graduates in my class and with those who graduated before and after me, and all of them turned out to be great nurses... a large portion of them work in the ICU and emergency departments. I'd recommend NMSU's BSN PROGRAM to anyone lookin for a quality education that's easier on your wallet than most big universities.
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    A lot of people in the program are frustrated by the classes that have NCLEX style questions. The teachers want you to study the book, and they lecture really generally over the same topics covered in the book. Then when the test comes the most common statement is "where the heck did those questions come from?". The questions don't cover the content that was studied at all. Those who study the most really don't get their just dues in terms of a grade, and those who have a feel for the style(and don't study), get good grades!! Its really difficult to attain a grasp for NCLEX style when they don't practice it in class. The Kaplan, Saunders , ect, review books don't help because they are intended for the final nclex not he beginning nursing student. NMSU could be set up so much better, the method to the madness hasn't been seen yet.
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    So, here is my question- would you recommend this nursing school to a friend?
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    schgrl, did you decide to attend NMSU?
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    You can PM me. I am new on here and not have not mastered that skill. =)
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    schlgrl i tried to pm you, but it says i don't have access to do so.

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