NM license renewal help!

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    Hi evryone, i printed out a renewal form in New Mexico BON website and filled it out completely with my credit card payment on on it. I sent it 3 weeks ago and then after 21 days i received the same blank renewal form and didnt get any information if they approved my application. I called them and to inquire but the person in charge Emily Gurule is on leave until july 28.

    Can anyone tell me how you guys renew license in NM and what is the procedure. I completely understand and follwed the instructions on their website, im not sure if they mistakenly send me a blank form or i should i fill out again the form and send it again to them.

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    in addition.. my license will expire next month.. arggghh!,,, help!
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    Go online and look or call the customer service number to see if your credit card has been charged. If not, go to the office in person in Albuquerque and do it at the window, and get a receit.

    I sent mine in by fax and had it returned because I did it too early
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    Yeah they have gotten my payment already as reflected in my credit card. whenever i call the office i always end up on the voicemail, i already sent 3 messages.

    You think i should send another form?? im really confuse what to do.. their office is not accepting direct calls. i even emailed them regarding this and no one replied to my message.

    my friend also applied for a renewal too early, nm bon accepted it but they havent issued her the new license until the card expires.
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    They're more on the ball in person; if you live close enough, I'd suggest popping in. ~ Diane
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    i would love to do that but im in florida, i didnt send another application form since they already got the payment i sent a month ago. i hope im doing the right thing..

    it would be nice to hear more advice guys.. im counting d days before my license expires.. i really hope my renewl will be approved.. i havent received any notice of approval yet.

    by the way guys, after how many days did you received a letter from the bon after sending the renewal form?
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    I've had the same problem. I have had a New Mexico license for a long time and actually walked into the board of nursing, got a receipt for my renewal and was told that they only post online for renewals. No longer do they send you anything through the mail. My license expires on the 31st. of July and I'm getting really nervous. I've heard from another nurse that she didn't get her renewal for weeks after her license expired and nearly lost her job.
    If I can help you in any way, I will. I'm on vacation right now and will be back in Albuquerque before Friday. You can message me your info and I will pass it along to the lady at the Board of Nursing. Hopefully things will get better!
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    Hi rosie, thanks for replying here on the thread. do they really post renewals on website?? so they dont issue an actual license card this time? If u dont mind where can we see renewal on the official website? i was browsing it earlier and couldnt find a link. im disappointed that they are not issuing a card for nurses who ara renewing their license..
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    On the NM board of nursing website, click on License/Certificate Lookup from the drop down menu also called License/Certificate/Lookup. On the new page you get, select "Click here to proceed to license/Certificate Lookup"; type in your last name or your social security number and click submit. I usually search by my last name. If your license is ready you will see your name. Click on the the license number next to your name to get detailed information regarding your license. I hope this helps. Good luck.
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    hey thank you for the info. i just checked the status of my renewal on the website. do you happen to know how many days after the application does the actual license (card) arrives thru snail mail? tnx!:heartbeat

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