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Hi everyone. Does anyone know how long before an ATT (Authorization To Test) can be issued in NM and how long is it valid? Thanks and have a nice day!... Read More

  1. by   precious_angels
    hi. i'd like to know if i pass the nclex from nm and eventually decide to work in maryland. what should i do? i believe it is one of the compact states however since i am still in the philippines - what should i prepare? documents and everything. thanks...
  2. by   Ganu
    I graduated in March 08 from UK and working now. I'd like to register with New Mexico BON. I qualified from adult branch. Will New Mexico BON allow me to register for NCLEX with my adult branch qualification? I'm presently applying for course by course credentials review. Do u think I should do some extra courses for paediatric and mental health branches while I'm waiting to hear from New Mexico BON?
  3. by   chezie
    Hi there, I'm actually asking in behalf of a friend of mine. She took the NCLEX exam for new mexico but she didn't make it so she has to reapply and take it again, but she needs a little help (i can't do much because i'm a canadian RN so i'm not sure how it works for the nclex, and i thought that everyone helped me when i asked about our exams so y not try to ask here for hers as well.) anyways here goes:

    She was hoping someone could give her the steps on how to reapply to take the exam for the state of new mexico? does she need to answer the nclex examination registration form that they sent her (its printed in black and orange) and pay 200 dollars (examination fee) or just pay 60 dollars for the reexamnation fee? She says that she's registered in pearsonvue for her 1st take, does she have to re-register again in order to retake the exam?
    If she were to send the forms back with the fees, does she address it to NCLEX OPERATIONS p.o. box 64950 St. Paul MN 55164-0950 or does she send it to 6301 Indian School Rd. NE Suite 710 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110? will everything be sent together? or seperately?

    She's tried calling the bon in new mexico but she says they couldnt answer her question.. so i hope someone can help!
  4. by   diapersprinkles
    Quote from bebe13
    Do you mean pearsonvue? Yes, you have to wait for the BON's go signal. After evaluation of your application, BON will contact you thru email to advise if you are eligible to take the NCLEX or if there are deficiencies in your application. As soon as you are made eligible, you will be further advised to register with pearsonvue to receive your ATT.
    if the NM BON find me eligible to take the NCLEX, is that the time i receive the "eligibility to test" thing? and how long is the validity of the ATT? does it mean i have to take the nclex before it expires? thank you!