Moving to abq schools?

  1. Hi I am a San Diego pre-nursing student. I am thinking of relocating to abq in the fall and am looking at nursing schools. I am wanting a bsn but would consider doing an adn and then a bachelor's completion. Could you guys please point me in the right direction. Info on community colleges and private colleges welcome. TIA
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  3. by   jjnRN
    In Abq, for public there is CNM with a 2-3 yr wait for ADN and UNM with 2-3 yr wait for BSN, both must have all prereqs completed before you can petition for entrance.

    For private there is Apollo and Pima (PMI) for ADN (ASN) no waitlist but they choose who gets the limited seating from the applications.

    Hope that helps ya!
  4. by   kharing
    Also check out Santa Fe Community College. No waitlist, but they do have some tougher admission standards than CNM. I have a friend that chose to go there instead of waiting "In line" for two years at CNM. I know she had to write essays and take some sort of exam to get in as well.

    PIMA and Apollo are super expensive...but I would probably consider them. **I originally was going to CNM's Nursing program - I petitioned and only had to wait 1 year by bridging their LPN-RN route. I switched majors and got into the Respiratory Therapy program instead. I didn't have to wait, and feel that being an RT is a better fit for my personality. (Just graduated!)

    Good luck!
  5. by   future L&Dnurse
    UNM does not have a waiting list, actually. You have to complete 2 or so years of prereqs and apply for the nursing program, and then you either get in or you don't. It is fairly competitive, but there's no waiting list. CNM does have a waiting list, I understand it to be about 3 years long at the moment. I don't know about the other programs available in NM.
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  6. by   jjnRN
    Future L&D,

    You are saying UNM is more based upon GPA and the interview process then?

    Actually, I just need to finish my sciences and I am going to petition for the adv BSN as I have a BS degree already. I just started them this summer so I have about a year before I will finish them.
  7. by   future L&Dnurse
    UNM is based on gpa, science especially, your application essays, and letters of recommendation. They also prefer to take New Mexico residents and really like previous experience in health care as a tech or volunteer or something.
  8. by   jjnRN
    Thanks for the info Future L&D.
  9. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    As a former classmate of Future L&D Nurse, I would have to disagree slightly about UNM's acceptance criteria.

    They do evaluate GPA and Letters of Rec. However, I think they are more focused on "diversity" than on previous healthcare experience. I, for example, got in on my first try with no previous healthcare experience whatsoever. My background is in business administration, and I hold a prior BA in Creative Writing. I was accepted with a 3.6gpa and excellent letters of rec. Not exactly what you would call the ideal accelerated BSN candidate, but I added to the "diversity" of the class.

    However, as Future L&D Nurse said, UNM does not have a waitlist. You either get in or you don't, and if you don't, you can reapply. I understand they are starting 3 groups (classes) per year at this point.

    I also want to point out that you should evaluate a program based on what you expect your career path in nursing to be. UNM's program is heavily geared toward graduating future "nurse leaders" (i.e.: managers), so their curriculum is highly theory-based, with a lot of leadership classes. I understand CNM's program is more traditional, with emphasis on basic nursing skills. Many UNM graduates (myself included) feel shortchanged, as far as practical nursing skill development goes.

    Good luck to you, whichever school you choose!
  10. by   jjnRN
    Thanks for the reply SemiSweet,

    I would like the hands on of CNM but don't want to wait 3 years either. My future goals are CRNA or NP but would like to work the OR, ER, or an ICU after graduation for some hands on. If I go the UNM route there is potentially no wait and get BSN for advanced training opportunities.

    It will take take me until next fall to finish science prereqs anyway so I have time to decide what route to take. ADN or aBSN

  11. by   thinkinboutit
    Unm has a NP program but closest crna program is in arizona, somthing to think about.
  12. by   jjnRN
    I am going to relocate at some point in the future but not sure where or when. I am sure the where will be affected by the CRNA school selection if I go that route. Right now I am just concentrating on prereqs and getting into a program. Working full time and school with 8-12 credits a semester is tough but will complete the sciences end of next year.

  13. by   thinkinboutit
    JJ definatly think about arizona i love it there. I hate cold so when its summer in pheonix and its raining but warm i love it.