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  1. 0 Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you wish to discuss other topics that are local or state related. Enjoy!
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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Sheryl. I graduated from nursing school this past May

    and just recently received my license. I already have a job on the

    Psychiatric unit of my local hospital and I love it.
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    Hi Sheryl,
    My name is Russell.
    I live in Pecos, MM and work out of Santa Fe as a home health nurse.
    Welcome to the boards and if you need anything just ask.
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    Thank you Rusty. I will Keep that in mind! How long have you been a nurse?
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    I've only been a nurse for a mere 18 years.
    I'm married with 3 kids a bunch of dogs, a few horses etc...
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    Hi Sheryl and Rusty,
    I am just starting the nursing program here in Clovis at the Community College. We've lived here just over two years and I really like it here.
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    Hi. I live in Alamogordo, but I work in Deming in OB. I love my job and my family and I want to move to Silver City or Las Cruces. Anyone out there know what Silver's like?
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    Hello, It's me Ursula,

    I live in the great city of Truth or Consequences, I work with DOH in nursing education/staff development.

    I have been a nurse since 1992.

    I am sad lately because I was really in hope of attending the get-together in Las Vegas, and work and scheduling will not allow it, am praying for a last minute change. I have never been to Vegas, still sad

    nuf of that, Rosienurse, I was just talking with someone that works in Deming her name is Kris, (bout 5 min ago) anyway, we talked about me working in Deming in OR, I have done so many things in nursing and have loved every bit of it, but, would like to try OR, just to say I did, besides that am ready for a change. About Silver City, they have a great teaching hospital, went to school at Western, I have a daughter in college at NMSU, Las Cruces is a growing city, and I do not believe you would have a difficult time finding work as a nurse, what specifically do you want to do? I heard of a position at the university for a nurse.

    Do you communte from Alamogordo?

    Take care y'all, I am glad I live in the state of "Wide Open Spaces".

    Oh, and Rusty, I do need something, I need a miracle , So I can go to LV!!!!!!
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    I'll focus my miracle energy your way starting now.
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    Hi Ursula.
    I would like to stay in OB, as I am studying to become a certified nurse midwife. And, yes I commute from Alamogordo to Deming. I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights (usually) and so I stay there when I work. If you were really interested in a position there, they have all kinds of openings. Just about every unit has some sort of opening.
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    hi, rosienurse

    Have you applied at the new hospital in Las Cruces? I hear great things about the place as far as pt care. Don't know anyone there directly, does Alamogordo have a hospital?

    I have had the honor of working clinic with two midwives, what a fabulous experience.

    good luck to ya!!!
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    I had thougth about applying to the new hospital, it's called Mountain View. They are known for their patient care. However, I have spoken to alot of people who worked there and then quit. They have a bad reputation for nurse treatment. Apparently, they are all about patient and doctor care, but they don't give a didly about the nursing staff. Plus, they haven't even been open a year and have already been through four administrators - now what does that say?
    There is a hospital here in Alamogordo. It's called Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center. I had applied there, but they were offering only $16/hr and I am making $20.75/hr in Deming.
    In Deming, I work with two midwives. They are awesome. They have already allowed me to deliver some babies with their supervision. So very cool. Well, have a nice day/evening/weekend whatever!
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    Hi everyone!

    I am a nursing student finishing up my last semester in New York befoe me and my husband get transfered back to my home town, Albuquerque, in December. I am so excited to be moving home and to be starting my nursing career. I will have lots of questions for you all as I finish up school and get ready to take my board exam and start lookin for my first job.



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