Continuing Education for renewing license

  1. My license will expire this coming May, i just want to ask if New Mexico BON approves CE hours from website. i really can't afford to enroll to a paid CE program right now, so i settle to free online CE found at that site. i just want to renew my license and i need 30 CE hours.

    Replies appreciated. :wink2:
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  3. by   Medic09
    Here's the info from the website:

    If you have questions, assk the BON directly, and be sure to get the name of the person who gives you an answer. That way, if they make problems later you at least can establish that you relied on their information.
  4. by   jay_j
    hi! have you found any BON approved sites that would give free CE? my license is expiring in January next year. i know it's far from now but i'm living in a place where there aren't any seminars offered. i have to go to other cities to attend those so i can earn the needed CEUs. and since i dont have the time and luxury to go to the cities near my hometown, i'm looking for sites that would give me free CE and is/are approved by the NM BON.

    i already attended a couple of seminars in Davao but I'm not sure if those are accepted in addition to the required number of units.

    Can you pls help me if you do know any site that is approved by the NEW MEXICO BON?

    ur reply would be greatly appreciated :wink2:

  5. by   rccamp
    There is a website that does home study continuing education for renewing your license: They have a lot of different courses, and if you do a special offer it is pretty inexpensive. I have also used the coupon code "TAKE10" and you can get 10% off of your order.
  6. by   mayvst
    About renewing the license, we need to complete 30 hrs of approved CE, right? I'm just confused about certified nurse practitioners, and clinical nurse specialist must complete a total 50 hrs of CE. What do u mean by this? Does this mean that we need to 50 hrs all in all???

    Pls help!!! Your reply would be appreciated... God bless us all!
  7. by   jay_j
    for RNs, we only need 30 hours of CEUs.
  8. by   mayvst
    Thanks a lot... I got it!
  9. by   mayvst
    We are required 30 hrs of CEU for RNs.. The question, offers a low prices of CE compared to other website like its actually NCSBN site too. Is which is offering CE for all healthcare Professional accredited by the BON? Specifically MN BON? Or are they gonna honor the free site of CE like

    I'm emailing BON, but no reply until now..:stone:stone:zzzzz

    Thanks for all the concern! Answers will be appreciated!

    Thank you Nurses!
  10. by   mayvst is offering free CEU, but I'm not sure if, it is honored by the BON where you registered.. I'm trying to contact my BON if they are approving it..
  11. by   jay_j
    i've emailed new mexico bon more than 3 times already.. they're not giving a clear answer with regards to accreditation to those sites such as medscape,, etc. they replied to my emails but the same answer was given.. nothing close to what i was looking for. it's like they're just sending a standard information.. copied and past. nothing close to what we're actually looking for.

    i've been thinking of spending on those 1 CE that already has 30 contact hours, but i'm afraid they might not credit it .
  12. by   mayvst
    the new mexico nurses association is the approval body for continuing education and you need to contact them at 505-471-3324.

    that's the reply i received from them, just awhile ago...not really clear, it's true....

  13. by   mayvst
    This might help...
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  14. by   jay_j
    thanks! i'll call em soon.:wink2: