Career prospects in NM?

  1. Hello people of New Mexico! How is the job market for new nurses?
    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   Scarlettz
    Are you from NM or another state? I am originally from out of state but applied to a number of facilities in the state (I did fork out the money for a NM license.) I got a call back from 2 hospitals and one nursing home - which is alot better than what I received from my home state. I accepted a job and relocated! I hear it is harder to get jobs in bigger cities, like ABQ, though.

    Oh by the way, I think you will receive more calls back if you actually have a license in the state already. I would recommend picking 1-3 states you are sincerely interested in relocating and apply for endorsement. It will up the chances.
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  4. by   iliketosneeze
    At the moment I am out of state; specifically NY. I wish I had the money to fork out for multiple licenses :P

    Thank you for the advice and response
  5. by   Scarlettz
    Do you have a part time job at all? I don't have alot of money- but I did have a p/t (retail) job and did decide to apply for endorsement. It is expensive- it costly me about $400.00 to get licenses in two other states. That is why I recommend picking 1 or 2 states that you truly would like to relocate and work. I think it shows HR that you are truly interested in relocating. It also is alot easier to hire someone who is already licensed.
  6. by   iliketosneeze
    Right now I'm working temp jobs..... It's barely enough to cover my bills as I still come up slightly short every month.

    Seems like applying for endorsement in a compact state would be a good investment.... Or at least I hope so. Calling NM BON today to get some more info
  7. by   Scarlettz
    If you apply to a compact state, it does not mean that you have multi-state privileges. I am originally from the Northeast - I went to school in PA and took my NCLEX there. I have a New Mexico license now, but only for NM. It is not transferable to NV or ND or any of the other compact states, unfortunately But, I think having a NM license is good if you decide to choose a state to get licensed in. There seems to be more opportunity than in the Northeast. But, keep in mind, NM facilities likely do not pay as much as they would in the Northeast. But if you are okay with this, and are mainly looking for a couple years experience, then go for it!
  8. by   JustBeachyNurse
    A license is only multi-state compact privileges if you are a legal permanent resident of the compact state. If you live in NY the NM license would be a single state license. If you moved to NM you would advise the BoN of your change in residence and you would have a NY single state license and a NM license with compact privileges.
  9. by   whitescrubs2012
    If you're not a graduate of an accredited program in NM, the word on the street is that it's especially tough to get a job as a new grad in NM. In fact, it's tough for anyone. Definitely not an "easy" place to start out w/ no experience, unless, perhaps, you want to try the far-flung places, like small communities outside of the larger cities/towns.
  10. by   LG1137
    The job market here, it seems, is like all other places. Be persistent, and make personal contact with the manager before or when you submit your application. I was hired one year ago as a new grad, in critical care, in Albuquerque. And, I wasn't the only one. It can happen. The manager has since said to me, that there's not an abundance of experienced nurses out looking for work; he has to hire new grads.

    Be persistent and you'll get something!

    For what it's worth, one year ago I went to the Emergency Nurses Association annual conference and networked like a sumbitch trying to find a job. Due to the price of admission, it seemed like I was the only new grad there. Many hospital recruiters straight-up told me that they weren't interested in new grads, especially an ADN new grad. However, two states - FLORIDA and TEXAS - were the places that were open to talking to me. I have no desire to ever live in those places so I didn't pursue. But, if you're desperate, look hard at Texas and then Florida (many many people say the working conditions suck in FL however).